Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fish n Feathers

 After The WMO it was back to reality and back to work though I did get time in the yak. Schoolies were the only thing biting but they were plentiful each time I made it out.

I was still having troubles with water getting in the kayak and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from so i had to fill it with water and go over every inch. It ended up being 3 hairline cracks in the haul from the storm ride last year. I repaired them by the end of the month, just in time for crabbing and opener of resident goose season.
Stoney creek monsters

T running his new trot line

Daisy professional gun dog
Ma what am I supposed to do wit this
My dog doesn't do water so we had to call out the professionals and Daisy was up to the task. We killed every goose that came in but that only gave Daisy two retrieves which she handled flawlessly. By 10 am we ditch goose hunting and the quite ponds for the dove field up the road. We had our spots on a crowded sunflower field and were slinging lead from the 12 pm start. Two was the number for the day it seemed we left the dove field with shooting time left as one of the hunting party had to go to work but at least we avoided the skunk on both fronts.

dove hunting
Had to work labor day but cut out early enough to pick a bucket load of cucumbers,peppers and tomatoes. Broke the canner out and made pickles and salsa. And just before writing this took the bows out for one last tune before Friday's archery opener. Its gonna be a busy September Livin The Dream
pre salsa

garlic dills

Big D in the kitchen

Look he does hunt something!

By the way the bee's are looking good


  1. yes blue weim he will be 6 years old come friday

  2. Blue Weims are the best. We have had ours for just a tad over 4 years. I have had all sorts of breeds during my 59 years. Our blue is a fantastic family member, great hunter (also hates-understatement- cats). We live on a farm in Marion county WV and he rules it! Never, ever had a dog like him. Hope yours is as precious!

  3. Hes an awesome dog today is his 6 birthday Im thinking of a post for him if I get time