Thursday, February 4, 2016

Red Light Camera Justice

Took 3 different ways to work in the last week in a half with traffic all jacked from snow and the POTUS in town. And to my delight I noticed a  trend on all 3 routes, though I only got a picture of one. And its the one that has gotten me twice. I say thanks to the camera cruncher who ever they may be
Take that ya evil bastard

Backs back

     So my week got better and my back has come back around. Was blessed with a warm Sunday and pieced the truck back together, had to use some redneck engineering and fab some shift tube collars out of electric conduit straps. I epoxied the dash and heater vents and for now left the cover off the steering column so I can keep a eye on my fabrication. I imagine I will get an extra look if I get pulled over by the po po, the only cars in b-more with out column covers are usually stolen. In November my back was out and I went to physical therapy for the 1st time since my back surgery in 04'. I figured they would give me the same ole exercises, but what the hell it couldn't hurt to try. And what do ya know my PT guy gave me some different stretches  than  what I had been doing and it helped my back out tremendously. So when I threw my back out last week I figured I would be down for at least 5 days as usual. The 1st day I rested iced and did nothing then on day 2 I started walking and slowly doing the stretches and I was good to go by day 3. He also lead me away from any forward stretching every exercise arches the back backwards and the only hamstring stretches are done on the floor with a rope over mt foot pulling leg back towards the ceiling. I mean I'm not out of pain ever but I have learned to live with it. I tell my wife that my pain friend tucks me in at night and wakes me in the morning no need for an alarm clock. I hate to take pills and rarely even take a Tylenol except when my backs out. The first day I'll take a cyclobensaprine which will literally knock my big ass out. Then i'll use naproxen for a week but not much longer because that shit fucks with my stomach. I seem to have gotten used to the pain and don't pay attention to it unless I do something stupid and it reminds me its there. I used to wonder how my pops worked like he did, his knees were so bad you could hear him coming down the hall popping and cracking but I guess you get used to it and figure out how to get things done.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some days you should just stay in bed

Tuesday morning started out as usual up early,morning constitutional, take dog for a walk.

It was a beautiful morning cold but not windy that fresh crisp taste to the air. While walking the dog I warmed up the truck and spoke with my neighbor about the weather. The usual BS Then it all went south. My roads don't get plowed in my neighborhood until at least 3 days after a storm. No big deal 4 wheel drive truck and redneck neighbors with big trucks to pack it all down.  My 1st clue to go back inside, the 4 wheel on the truck wont engage again. No big deal I should be able to get out i have decent tires a load of snow in the back for traction and i came in without it. I start up the road and find a caddy blocking my way.
As I would later learn this guy came home from the bar that is a block and a half away at 2 in the morning and this was as far as he made it. Just in the right spot to keep me from getting by and blocking just enough to make it hard to turn around. This was where I should have left my truck and reason 2 to go back inside. But not being an asshole like my friend i decide to get turned around and get out the  way or at least back to my driveway. After getting stuck and shoveling out and getting stuck again and again trying to turn around i decided to just back out. The snow had melted the day before then froze leaving 1 inch of ice below the slushy top and the slight grade slid me nicely into the front yard in the picture above. Now I'm stuck real good but never to quit i shovel one more time get in put it into drive and this happens
Yews I don't believe its supposed to come off like that. I would love to say I had a hearty laugh but truth be told I got pissed and punch a hole in my dash because sometimes I'm just an asshole like that. Now with bleeding knuckles and a busted truck and a crushed ego I must accept defeat and go home tell the wife and call for some help. this was reason 3 to go inside and stay there. half hour later my nephew shows up and with his, my neighbor. wife and a tow strap we get the truck back in front of my house. we just need to push it out of the street in to a parking spot. It required more digging and pushing. Did I ever mention I have 6 herniated or otherwise fucked up disc ok well I bet we can guess what went down next. after a good push I grabbed the shovel jumped up to the front of the truck an dug in. Then that wonderful sharp and unholy pain shot down my spine weakening my knees and dropping me to the ground. my temper then kicked in I yelled leave it where fucking is I'm DONE! and went around back to puke. Yup some days are best spent at home and  I listen today. I probably could have made it but I decided instead to take meds sit in my chair and read. Good choice I might add. later I will do some stretching and take a walk to loosen things up. Ill be walking with a good limp for a few days it appears but things could always be worse and one day I may learn to listen to that inner voice of reason but then what fun would that be. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

The little truck that could (almost)

So as it turns out the 4wheel drive would not work because I knocked the plastic hub half way off the wheel in the snow Friday night. Had to dig out the front tire to inspect them and found the hub packed with snow. I took it off cleaned it up snapped it back on and all was well. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy some rim caps to protect them you would thing that something that vulnerable on a front wheel of a 4x4 would be metal and at the very least bolted on gotta love Mazda/Ford trucks. I will say it a beast in the snow neighbor hood wasn't plowed and it blasted right up the road with no problems except now I can't get the hubs to unlock which made for a interesting ride on pavement.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blizzard Update

I was gonna head to work and help my guys shovel but the 4wheel drive broke in the truck so I'm doing this instead.Y'all stay warm.