Monday, July 28, 2014

well then

daddy take me

sunrise at the Bay Bridge

cruise ship ducking under

northern water snake the wife found in the yard while I was gone

Ryan catching some bait

He didn't take me
Hmm just noticed that my early July post never made it to post and half of it gone. This pretty much sums up my July. So here are the pictures but the story is gone make of it what you will. Now back to work with you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June has been an interesting month so far the hotel where I am employed was sold and I was hired on with new managing company and I already had a few side projects in the works. So lets just say busy has been a understatement however I'm not complaining considering the alternative. In the mean time I managed some fishing and tried not to neglect the family too much, plus my debt is taking some serious hits. On the fishing front its been hit or miss, last year I fished the entire year without being skunked for the fish I was targeting. Ole but this year I have skunked it up more than once. Fished the meet and greet in Rumbly Md last weekend with the snaggedline guys and lets just say the fish were uncooperative. The wind forecast at 14mph blew more like 20 and created a nice chop dirty water and hard fishing. We were targeting sea trout, striper and redfish a few hooked up but I just got a tan and a workout. The lower eastern shore has some nice shallow water fishing and it was my first time there in my kayak but certainly not my last. My nephew and I left Friday evening after work and drove 3 hours down to Janes Island state park set up our tent to try and get some shut eye. Earlier in the week I had arranged to share a site with a fellow snaggedliner he had arrive earlier that morning to fish with no results. We made it to camp in a rainstorm at 10 set up our tent traded some fishing stories and hi the sack.  The next morning we launch at 0700 and paddled west around the first point to fish the coves on the back side there are some nice flats and real fishy looking spots there. I'm a novice when it comes to sea trout fishing and I guess that didn't help the out come much. As all fisherman say when the get skunked it was a beautiful day to be on the water. Here are the pics.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

livin the .......

Computer still isn't working right and I don't like to post off my work issue iphone  so its been light. Not much going on but same ole work, work at house and  fish as much as I can. Managed to put up to cords of wood( split most with a maul who needs a gym membership ) donated money to 2 fishing tournaments. My bad luck in tourney's continues, think Im gonna stop fishing them  for awhile but enjoyed fishing both and managed to get someone new in a kayak. My gardens in  spread around my small yard can't wait for them fresh tomatoes and that's about it so heres a photo dump till next time.
Neighborhood traffic problems

beach flooded

raised bed tomatoes, peppers and beans


hooked another on plastic boats

redneck gym

free heat

Monday, March 24, 2014

yellow yellow little fellow

Managed to snag a day off on a warm day was going to get the kayak out but had some running to do and the wind was a little stiff. So hit my chores early and called up a fishing buddy to head to the Tuckahoe and try to catch the end of the yellow perch spawn and hopefully some keepers. We loaded up and pulled out around 1 and hit our first stop in Hillsboro by 2pm .  We through tandem stinger rigs from shore and shad darts then soaked some bloodworms but nothing was kicking. After a half hour or so we packed up and headed up river to Tuckahoe state park at Horseshoe road hiked back to the river and immediately started soaking blood worms. I hooked my first in about a minute and christened my new Bust Em Baits and performance fishing rods  built 6' ultra light rod, it wasn't very big but on a sensitive rod like this you feel every tap.

Little yella fella
I guy next to us pulled a keeper in right after so we thought we were on something but it wasn't meant to be we caught more fish but not much bigger than the 6 incher pictured. Looks like we missed the run but we weren't skunked and enjoyed a great afternoon busting on each others small fish. The white perch runs should be in a week or 2 and I hope to get the kayak in the water in one of my favorite spots.
fishing buddy Pete across the creek

reflection in the stream
Sitting by the fire writing this now its about 31 Degrees out and a noreaster blowing up the coast were supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow here hope this is the last go round for winter, did I mention I am ready for spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missing has anyone seen spring

Alright winter was nice cold and snowy so can we get some spring ready for some warmer temps and biting fish. Managed to get out on a couple of nice days and try at some yellow perch with not much luck and it looks like some warmer weather this weekend at least for a day or two. Its been an interesting couple of days here in the Dena with hostage standoff in my neighbor hood and a six or seven car and concrete truck pile up with fatalities that shut down the main highway and put the peninsula in total gridlock. Luckily I found a watering hole to wait it out, maybe the guy who offed his girl friend then himself should have done the same. Its been awhile since I blogged been busy with the usual for the last month though I did manage a late season squirrel hunt with the nephews and I built myself a rod rapper so I can spend money on another hobby I don't have time for and build my own fishing pole. So lets hope spring is around the corner and the fish are biting. TIGHT LINES

ice on Stoney creek

squirrel slayers

less of this

and more of this the Tuckahoe River

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let it snow

Sitting at work watching hunting and fishing videos on YouTube waiting for the snow to get deep enough to shovel

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heres to fishing without an ice breaker

So I had this big post written about my year end and plans for the new year it was excellent trust me but then my laptop died and took the post with it so screw it happy new year. So far its a good year to be a polar bear. I dont mind the cold down to say 30 like it was this morning hell took the dog out in shorts and my carhart not too bad but saturday I bailed on hunting. Sitting in a tree stand on a cold windy ridge when its 8 degrees just does sound fun to me. Yeah sure I camped and hunted in the mountains when it was -3 once we were even in a summer tent (note I said once) it makes a great story but you can keep that shit. I know someone from Minnesota will say Im a sissy and thats fine its why I dont live in Minnesota its cold there I hate cold you can keep it. Its forcast to be 7 here monday night so Ill be next to the wood stove as I was this weekend looking out the window and thinking the north can have its weather back. Heres to the new year and spring where I can go fishing without an icebreaker.