Sunday, August 21, 2016

Anniversary Ballgame and GSD!

Its been a busy and awesome weekend and I didn't even go fishing. Gave my honey an early anniversary gift and took her to watch her favorite baseball team.It was her favorite player bobble head give away and I  know she gets excited by little things like that so I scored a couple of tickets and surprised her. She also got her a 2017 Orioles calendar that benefits BARC's animal rescue, so she was one happy girl. Can't believe we have been together for 13 years and will be married 10 on the 25th of  August. Still never thought a women would put up with my ass that long.
Our first date and now. She still pretty and I'm still big and bald. Love this woman!
Don't see whats so special about this dude not nearly as good looking as the one above

wife spotted this on the street.

Not my kinda bike but love the paint

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Game wasn't until the evening so I decided to get the old truck running. The last time I drove it the tranny wasn't shifting right. I made it home but the starter went up and I got pissed and bought another car refusing at the time to put another dollar into it. I found a starter dirt cheap on rock auto so I snagged it against my better judgement. I installed it added some fluid and repaired some wires and she fired right up and drove like a champ. I'm still not gonna keep her though. So I cleaned her up took pictures and posted to craigslist. I need a fullsize truck and this one been nothing but a head ache since I bought it from my little cousin, guess that's what I get for being nice. I did make my day to breath life into that which I thought was dead.
Buy Now limited time they are going quick

Yup that was me

No reason for this one just tickled me

Today woke up cooked a big ass breakfast shampooed the carpets to get the dog smell out then went and knocked out a side job. Came home grilled some dinner and baked cookies from scratch. Hmm maybe there is a reason she keeps me around.

Though I hate going to the city when I'm off of work I enjoy going to a ball game. Its relaxing to watch a game and have a beer or three (as long as you don't think about how much they cost). And Camden Yards is a pretty nice park to do it in. The O's got their asses whooped but Chris Davis hit a homer and made the wife's day. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Of Jumbo Crabs and Sailfish

Spent the weekend away from tv and the web, caught up after work today and it looks like I should of stayed away longer. Anyhow it was a great weekend, went kayak crabbing on Stoney Creek Saturday. Got up before sun up with plans to be done by noon with the heat index being 110 plus. Crabbing was slow and being on the water taking a dip every now and then seemed the best place to be. We crabbed until 5 netting 3/4 of a bushel and ill say they made up in size for what they lacked in numbers.
9" stoney creek monster
That's probably the second biggest blue crab I have caught in my life and just about every other measured 7+ with a few 8 incher's. 

our crabs have attitude
I think we interrupted this guys party. I like how he rolls. Got back online this evening and checked the White Marlin Open results. Had a couple of friends in the tournament and was hoping they would place well. For those that don't know its the largest billfish tournament in the world and is held in Ocean City Md. I used to watch them weight the fish in when I was young with my pop and dream of being in it one day. I have had a few invites but never the money to play. The record payout this year was 4.3 million in prize money. The winning white marlin netted 2.8 million. My friends didn't place in the money. 

WMO sailfish
 They did land some nice dolphin and a rare sailfish for this far north. This tournament is definitely on my bucket list. I can dream:)
I was told I have one of these shirts coming can't wait, apparently they have caused quite and uproar. Don't know why catch an release marlin fishing is the way to go.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Claire's moved

Claire Wolfe has moved, Go visit, donate I found here book 101 Things to do Til the Revolution back around I think 2000. She opened my eyes to liberty.Thanks Claire.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Ladies

Visited my ladies today to make sure they were all happy.

They looked like the were doing well lots of honey in the lower and a good deal in the supers with a lot of drawn out comb. Who new I could keep over 5000 ladies happy at once.
At that moment all was well


Monday, July 25, 2016

It's all gone to the B's

                  As was promised the honey bee post. I work as a maintenance man and I don't talk about work here for good reasons and conflict of interest, though I could probably publish a book on the goings on of my job. Anyway I work at a newly remodeled hotel in an old YMCA building in a downtown east coast city, hows that for beating around the bush. When we were about done with the work and getting ready to open a year or so ago I brought up in a meeting that it would be awesome to have a full roof top garden and honey bees. Every one though that be cool and then we got busy with work stuff and I pretty much forgot about the whole thing and settled in with a few buckets of maters planted in them last summer. However my idea struck a cord and one of the owner reps happen to be a bee keeper himself and long story short our hotel now has two honey bee hive and I have been on a crash course as a bee keeper since May. I think I have read every book offered on the subject on kindle and things are going well so far, fingers crossed I don't f this up. I'm kinda liking my little ladies.
the hives arrive

chose a spot on the lower roof that get sun and wind protection

our nucs arrived

setting up the hives

looking good 

happy ladies putting in work

a little bearding in the heat
Don't worry Levi your still my favorite