Monday, July 24, 2017

sun rises and sets

Usually a fishing post with sunset pictures means ya didn't catch any however the fishing been good and the sun rises spectacular. July started with parties and looks like it will end that way. Squished in between is as much fishing and crabbing as I could muster and doing it all between the ocean and the hills. Warning photo dump!
Showing those dead rises how to crab

New bar sign burned in some drift wood 

the 4th with family

sunset on the patapsco after catching schoolie stripers

bad moon arising

Leaving the docks Ocean City Md

Looking back at OC

sunset over the ocean

sunrise the next morning

a grady in the distance

not mad just been up fishing 30 hour straight

cleaning up the gear

back in the inlet OC MD

little man showing off his mahi

50lbs yellow fin

my 30lbs tuna

all cleaned up ad ready to go

sunrise in the smokies

sunset in the Blue Ridge

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Citation Smallie

June got off to a rough start but improved greatly. The gardens are coming along well after a cool spring . I just harvested six nice cabbage along with as many radishes as I could ever need. The bee hives got some new wallpaper ( check picture its all about marketing lol) and are getting stronger. Tony and I went crabbing on the 17th, we crabbed that weekend last year and netted 8 crabs. This year however we pulled in a bushel, lets hope it's a banner year for my most favorite crustacean. This past weekend was a wading trip to the upper Potomac with my mostly kayak less group. The fishing was tough with water up a bit from recent storms. Everybody seemed to figure it out but me, I came home with the big skunk. My buddy K figured it out big time netting himself a MD citation smallie at 20 1/2 Inches 3.3 pounds. Planning for and awesome cook out weekend and holiday. Keep Livin The Dream
Hives sporting new logo's

about half way there

Teaching little man how to hold em

That a citation right there Big Son

Monday, June 5, 2017

I don't need no dam Dr

Been a rough few weeks since my last post. I spent the end of May running around getting gardens together, beehive online and the rest of spring things, coupled with a business trip and of course too much work. In the midst of this I threw my back out and just when I thought I had that back on line I got sick with what I'm guessing was the flu. My guessing comes from the fact that I gave it to my wife for her birthday and her Dr said she had the flu. Note to Husbands your wife will not want the flu for her birthday, just saying. In the process of sneezing I also strained my back again. I cant remember ever having the flu in my life, Hell I rarely catch a cold. So this thing kicked me right in the nuts, I have felt like shit for 3 weeks its almost made me want to see a Dr, almost. The flu I think I could do but my back out and the flu is bullshit. I trudged through work thinking it was just a bad cold so sorry to my co workers if I passed it along. Me being me this past Sunday I figured I felt good enough to go get a line wet. So my fishing buddy Tony and I put the yaks in and paddled out to do some fun fishing. Fishing was excellent the perch were willing and plentiful. I also managed to snag a couple under sized stripers. Felt so good to be out that we drank some beer in celebration. Not a good idea, I was apparently not quite well yet and this flu kicked my ass all day today. Guess I'm gonna have to take it easy and maybe um you know see a Dr.
My ladies in there new homes

My beauty and her beast happy Bday and sorry for your present

Tony with a nice yellow perch

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey Yall

Man, I just simply been busy. Between work, gardens, hunting and fishing. The blog has taken a back seat. I had a personal goal to post at least once a month and it seems I have missed April. 20 lashes for me. So please forgive and enjoy a pic dump of me livin the dream.
Stated April out Bassing at Blackwater NWR
T man with the biggest of the day

My leak reappeared while there made it a long paddle back

Solar wax melter I built to reuse wax from the hives

grow light build they worked great for starting seed

Barge project to carry traps and decoys on more on this one later

Start of the Indigo herb garden

Benny adding the finishing touches

Wax melter putting in work

40 foot raised bed we like to go big

Back to the big garden haven't run this one in a few years

Made a new freind on a visit to the inlaws Say hi to Bella

Bella and Levi

Wax moths in my stored comb these bastard can do some damage more on a bee update later

The new ladies 

Little fire at the bike share

doing some plastic welds before i head back out dont car top a yak through a storm that hurricane did some damage

The long walk our fishing spots tend to be out of the way and away from people

what they lack in size they made up in numbers

Got busy didn't get them in the ground for a week luckily they made a full recovery

Back at the redneck gym and My back is not happy bout it

And finish it off with a sunset over west Baltimore
Fingers crossed Ill make time to post again soon:)