Monday, September 24, 2012

Gun fish

Gun fish trigger was already taken. Stole borrowed this pic from Joel.

Apparently the guy that caught it didn't think it was a keeper and threw it back. He was scared of the gun fish me I gotta figure out where this guy fishes I would love to hook a glock fish or maybe a classic 1911 fish would it be to much to ask for one of those black rifle fishys. I guy can dream right.

Back from the woods

I see nothing has changed in the world since I was gone even the hotel I work at is still standing in spite of the Gm's beliefs don't know if that's good or bad for me. Wish I was still in the woods spent the better part of last week in garret state forest camping and hunting at our annual hunting expedition. That's the way it was supposed to be happening but didn't get out until Tuesday and I made one small miscalculation. I re injured my back way back in spring and spent the last 6 months sleeping in a recliner because laying flat or on my side leaves me in excruciating pain. So my miscalculation was thinking for some unknown reason that at camp I would be healed and be able to lay flat on a cot FML. So long story short spent 3 days sleeping sitting in a truck seat and  mostly sleeping in my tree stand . Made the best of it enjoyed watching the never ending parade of small deer pass me by when I managed to stay awake and drinking some cold medicine around the camp fire at night. Check out Early on Friday when Saturdays forecast called for an all day rain and drove home to my most glorious lazy boy . Its the little things in life. As long as I sleep sitting up I can function lay flat pure misery. As The hunting report goes only my nephew scored a nice plump doe end every one else had my luck plenty of deer just none worth shooting. I did manage to get a nice buck in range but he snuck in as they do and got the drop on me before I saw him. Not exactly the trip to recharge my batteries so to say but definitely a good time and way to short.

home away from home

shelter on snaggy mountain


view from above

hornets nest

small camp fire
So back to the real world politicians still being politicians, the sheeple still eating at the stupid trough and I still dont care. Its back to work to make some frn's so I can get back to hunting and fishing. My kayaks calling me and hopefully the weather will hold out so I can get a line wet this weekend. The forcast is for rain and as long as the wind isnt to bad and thuderstorms arent about I just might get it in. You know the important stuff .
maybe next time

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost Treasure

I was going through my old hunting bag getting ready for my first outing of the year when out popped a knife I thought I lost. Now this wasn't just any knife but an original one of a kind. Not that it was expensive it didn't cost me a dime just a few hour of time while I was working  bored. Probably wouldn't get a dime if I would try to sell it, don't get me wrong it works well has skinned a few deer and is quite functional just not all that pretty. The reason its a treasure is I made it myself and it was my first go at knife making what makes it one of a kind is I made it from an old circular saw blade and a coffee table leg.

I built it to fit my hand with a nice chunky handle that is epoxied to the blade, stained and clear coated. I thought it was gone forever and was happy to see that I didn't lose it after all. It was stuck it the seam in the bottom of my hunting bag and had I not emptied the old bag completely out it might still be missing. It managed to get caught there because I don't have a sheath for it so I guess that's my next project find something to make a sheath. And since I scrounged to make the knife I guess I should do the same for a sheath. Only problem here is that my metal and wood working is much better than my leather crafting. I can say this with full confidence because the only leather I have ever work with is 0 unless you count breaking in some new boots. Research is necessary here any Ideas are welcome. Who knows if I'm lucky this week maybe I can use the knife to skin the deer that its sheath gets made from. See how things come full circle now off to fill the freezer.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Levi's 1st birthday

Cant believe the little shit is a year old all ready. After shooting spent the rest of the day trying to kill some of his everlasting energy . Mission accomplished the only thing he does more than play is sleep. I could not have a better doggie he is all weim stubborn, inquisitive, smart, energetic and loyal always sweet and always looking to play. Now kinda like the wife I gotta try to get him to ride on the kayak he hates him some water hell only drink from his water bowl if he sneaks up on it and the water doesn't see him coming. O well guess we can overlook that one.

My short humble shield reveiw

Not perfect but I wouldnt mess with her
My wife and I  got out to the range this morning to do a little shooting so I finally get to finish the review on her new m&p shield. First off for such a small gun and a rather big caliber .40 the gun handled very well with not to much kick it felt solid and came back to point very efficiently. Its my wife's first semi auto and she was a little apprehensive at first so I loaded one round so she could get a feel for it. After that shot I received a great big smile and full mags were loaded from there on, The only down side is that the magazine seemed extremely tight and hard to load even for me hopefully with some wear the spring will loosen and fix that problem. We put a couple hundred rounds through it with out any problems. From my very limited perspective on handguns I would say that this is an awesome sub compact for those looking for one with punch. My wife handle the gun very well and shot pretty effectively in my opinion. Now all we need is some real training.

our S&W

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

S&W Update

My wife was able to pick up her S&W Shield on Monday because we bought it on a holiday weekend it took the extra couple of days for processing paper work I love it when big brother gives me permission to do what I want but that's a topic for another blog. Unfortunately we been too busy working to get it to the range so all we can do is fondle it and work the action but she really excited to put some lead down range so hopefully we can get out Friday or Saturday at the latest and let some fly. Gonna be a busy weekend preparing for a trip bowhunting to the mountains trying to get alot of projects done at work and keeping my eye on any chance to get a line wet preferably from my kayak. The kayak fishing has been more addicting than I thought it would be. Its been real hard not to just call out sick and go for a paddle and with the beautiful weather we've had its been all I could do to make it to work. So unless some miracle happens (Im really workin on this one) the 28th would be the first day back on the water. Its hard to give up fishing time to go bowhunt life so hard sometimes. So enough whining looks like I going to be too busy Livin' The Dream for a change. To come, my best shot at a reveiw of the sheild.

Oh and the RAVENS whooped some ass on monday Hell Yeah!

I got Pics

Managed to coax some of the pics from my camera from last week plus some from my phone.
Setting up my X Factor

My pretty mug

little feller
Storm front crossing the bay
Local wildlife

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get out there

Great day yesterday on my only day off. I fished in the 2nd annual Chesapeake Kayak Anglers tournament at camp Wright on Kent Island. Weather wasn't the best but we all got out and fished in heavy winds and rough waters and most managed to catch a couple ,even yours truly. Though mine would be no where near contention to win anything. I thought that I would be smart and stick to sheltered waters by not fishing the bay bridge and hitting the narrows on the east side of the island however with a south wind and the usual ripping currents in the narrows it was anything but easy. The tournament benefits the Make A Wish Foundation and hopefully we made enough for them to make some child's wish come true as for me I cant wait for the next one. I felt better about my choice of fishing grounds after watching the few souls who dared the bay bridge paddle watching them slog back to the beach in that wind with no cover choosing the narrows was a good one. I would post pictures but in the weather conditions my not so water proof camera malfunction so you have to take my word on what I caught being  13" and 10" rock fish though with no pictures I can grow that number with time.So to anyone with an adventurous side who like to fish there is nothing like doing it from a kayak. GET OUT THERE !

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real O's

And for the better O's for the first time since 1997 my much love Orioles are tied for first in September see miracles can happen


Watch the news long enough tonight to see the live shot of my home state Governor O'Malley.Looks like this pricks still trying to set himself up as the 2016 candidate if he kissed obammys ass any harder he break his fucking neck. Had the Pleasure of meeting this ass clown on more than one occasion and he even more of a slimeball in person. Just my opinion though.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

S&W Sheild

Its been a great weekend  so far the wife finally decided on a gun and we should have it in a week per regulations. She settled on the 40 cal S&W M&P shield. Didn't even know it existed but it was the one the minute she pick it up I can not say Im exactly tied in to whats new or exist in hand guns but I kinda like it so Ill give my layman's review later on after putting some down range. Personally I'm still waiting on a Kel Tec PMR 30 been waiting a long while and apparently there a pretty big back log on that one or so I'm told.
the Shield not mine

Other than finishing gun shopping I managed a few hours paddling the kayak Friday caught a few fish and such but mostly just floated around good way to unwind. spent this afternoon rigging up the yak for next weekends 2nd annual Chesapeake bay kayak anglers fishing tournament cant wait sounds like a lot of fun. Well its back to work tomorrow when you work at a hotel holidays are your busy time no rest for the weary.