Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost Treasure

I was going through my old hunting bag getting ready for my first outing of the year when out popped a knife I thought I lost. Now this wasn't just any knife but an original one of a kind. Not that it was expensive it didn't cost me a dime just a few hour of time while I was working  bored. Probably wouldn't get a dime if I would try to sell it, don't get me wrong it works well has skinned a few deer and is quite functional just not all that pretty. The reason its a treasure is I made it myself and it was my first go at knife making what makes it one of a kind is I made it from an old circular saw blade and a coffee table leg.

I built it to fit my hand with a nice chunky handle that is epoxied to the blade, stained and clear coated. I thought it was gone forever and was happy to see that I didn't lose it after all. It was stuck it the seam in the bottom of my hunting bag and had I not emptied the old bag completely out it might still be missing. It managed to get caught there because I don't have a sheath for it so I guess that's my next project find something to make a sheath. And since I scrounged to make the knife I guess I should do the same for a sheath. Only problem here is that my metal and wood working is much better than my leather crafting. I can say this with full confidence because the only leather I have ever work with is 0 unless you count breaking in some new boots. Research is necessary here any Ideas are welcome. Who knows if I'm lucky this week maybe I can use the knife to skin the deer that its sheath gets made from. See how things come full circle now off to fill the freezer.

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