Sunday, July 22, 2012

And slowly they lock us down

Caught this last night on the news Director of University of Maryland for Health and Homeland security Micheal Greenberger said "I think its the beginning of an era of security protection will have to get used to." well Mr Greenberger you can get used to it if you want I personally don't want to live in a police state i have said before that living free isn't without its dangers and I don't want to be searched at the movie theater, mall or grocery store and I will never just get used to more security period. The powers that be are slowly locking us down and most poeple dont even notice it because its for control our own good. Soon well have those tsa body scanners anywhere more than 10 people gather.Just to imprison protect us thought.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I'm a little late on current events been working so many hours lately trying to get some projects done but I finally get a day off turn on the bloob tube and am bombarded with stupid. First let me send my heart out to the families in Colorado I know it sucks to loose love ones to senseless violence. But what I got hit with from the media was ridiculous you would think that people who have to be seen on TV would at least get there shit strait  I could forgo the small things like extended clips instead of mags or assuming that everything is an assault weapon. I have grown used to there drama but when I clicked on the news to catch the weather I was like here we go again every anti gun ass and his brother getting there 15 minutes I must of seen bloombergs pasty ass on 10 channels and every time a pro gun expert was put on it was edited down to a couple of seconds. I guess this is why i try not to watch TV I keep saying I'm just there to watch the weather but even the weatherman has more truth in his forecast than the rest and that's saying something his ass only gets it right a percentage of the time. Now I have police ramping up security at movie theaters checking bags and doing pat downs and the sheeple are so happy to have them there. As bad as these tragedies are the reality of being free is that some time people go over the edge and there isn't anything you can do about it no matter how much freedom you give up you will never be safe that's life figure it out get over yourself and move on the best you can do in life is to learn how to protect yourself. I cant say if an armed person in that theater could of made a difference the attack was planned out well and with the nut bag in armorer and his element of surprise it would have been a tough situation.But what I am saying is if I was there and had a choice I would be packing I might still end up dead but at least I would have a slither of a chance to defend myself and that is all I ever ask for. Its my right I from birth not given to me by government or any one else the condition of being human allows be to defend myself period. Unfortunately where I live to carry the tools to defend myself is against there laws and I am a criminal as soon as I leave the house prepared. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally a day off

 Not complaining alot of people I guess don't have work and I know its usually feast of famine but I needed a dam day off. I didn't know I was gonna get done so didn't have any plans for today which is probably good ill do fun stuff like pay the bills and get the house in order and such. Not much to say been to busy to keep up with things and my minds a blur so maybe later I can add my two cents to the world.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Been a busy boy working the last 5 days gotten behind on my reading never mind posting anything but the world keeps turning and money getting made. Trying to get past the whole soft feeling from my last post nothing like working in plus 100 degree heat framing to wear that soft feeling off been a couple of year since I've worn my tool belt for 8 hour stretches and I gotta say it felt good building something from scratch and not just fixing it, something kinda like therapy without all the feelings.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little soft

Was reading a post Dio put up today about boredom being a powerful motivator and getting a little soft around the middle. Well that's the part that been getting me lately. I have been putting a lot of hours in working and at home and I'm feeling it more than I think I should be. I used to do concrete form work and though its heavy work it keeps a man in a fair amount of shape.Now my job is a lot less strenuous which is good for my bad back but not so good for the rest of the body. You see I have been 300 + since high school but I always was active playing sports, hiking, biking, hunting, and working so for the most part I was in pretty good shape but now a few months from 37 and a back surgery and such later. I'm getting a little soft and now that I'm working hard like  used to and I'm feeling it bad. Now the hard part is that I love to eat, hell I live to eat. All my hobbies revolve around food hunting for food, fishing for food, gardening. I only grow stuff I can eat and I love to cook staying busy helps a little but I don't cut weight in the summer like I did when I was 20 so it looks like a little extra is needed. Its time to whip this good ole boy back in shape. My diet should be the easy part didn't get big eating fast food don't like the stuff (unless its an italian coldcut with everything & beer, beers gonna hurt a bit) just gotta eat a little less and with my back weights are a no no but I gotta a bike, kayak and some hills to hike some push ups and sit ups and I should be good to go just need to stop procrastinating and get on with it no day like today. Whew hit the scale 337 ouch! A big part of being prepared is being in shape or at least the best shape you can be in.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


So a storm friday night in the mid atlantic wind blows trees fall power goes out treatment plant cant treat water, water restrictions, (not like this happens I dont know at least  once a year) Panic ensues store run out of bread and water poeple loose all their food to spoil and cant function. You would think that eventually enough poeple would figure out that some time things go wrong and ya might just have to fend for yourselves for a bit you know maybe a week or so but nooo. It really scares me to live around so many idiots in a tight place knowing that they cannot handle a small storm never mind a major catastrophy. I live in a small apartment and have by no means all the preps I would like but I can a least feed and water the family for a week. And hey I like my a/c more than most its probaly my favorite invention ever but there are ways to stay relatively cool and safe in 100 degree humid wheather its just unfortunate that so many have lost touch with the non climate controled world that they dont know how to function with out it. All these things refocus me to prepping a little more and going over my exit strategies in case something crazy happens. Just a thought