Monday, July 29, 2013

Snakes on a boat

Fished the 4th and final Mid Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament at Mallows Bay Md. and my bad luck continued I only caught 1 bass that came unbutton at boat side it was about a whopping 8 inches. It was one of those time when it seemed everyone around me was hooking up and I couldn't buy a bite. In reality it was tough fishing for most but those that did hook up caught some decent fish. My only catch for the day was a 21 inch snakehead. I had to hit him in the head to get him to bite but he inhaled a 10" Bust Em Baits custom poured purple with pink ribbon tail and promptly wrapped up around a piece of steel from one of the wrecks luckily it was on my med heavy Overboard Rods with 20lbs braid so I got him in. It was my second snakehead but the first I got home to eat they are hell to kill the 1st was 30 + inches and got away after my knife deflected of its head and  this one was stabbed 4 times and still was trying to get away. Had a great time fishing the MAKBF tournament and many thanks to Matt Baden of the Hobie Life Blog for all the work starting and running the series and congrats on the series win I enjoyed donating.
I think this will wrap up most of my fresh water fishing gonna concentrate the little bit of time I get on some saltwater species I have on my list though after eating that snake head I gotta say its right at the top with my favorite fish like grouper and mahi and that's a tough group to contend with its a thick white flaky meat and one awesome catch it will be hard to stay away.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

not working

My computer is still acting up will allow me to post pictures to fb and such but not my blog when its not crashing so blogging is about as annoying as...  .you get the picture since I'm computer illiterate I'm gonna call in a professional and hopefully get this thing together but honestly getting a line wet has been more important so if my opinion is needed you can find me on the water. Tight Lines......