Monday, December 22, 2014

got a post in

    Hey y'all, its been a solid month and a half since I posted anything however I solidly lurk upon these nets from my phone. The computer is still on life support and if you are reading this I managed to make it work long enough to post something. November was a busy month I started it in the yak chasing stripers. I did quite well though I have no pictures turns out I can be more productive with a rod than technology. I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer and lost them on both. I know, no pictures it didn't happen O well. I also managed the VIP treatment from a vendor at work for a MMA match at the Baltimore arena nice spread for a cable company and  now I know why my bill is so high.
     Got pictures of the fight sights but had to trow my catch back my beautiful wife was taking the pictures. Been in the woods a few more times with no luck getting on anymore deer and have had about the same luck with water fowl.
     Update !!!!! started writing this over a week ago and lost internet connection, Comcast just lost their cool points. So I lost where I was headed with this post except that I been on the move. Managed more free stuff from work this time tickets to the Ravens Jacksonville game. It was the first regular season game the wife got to go to, we met up with friends to tailgate and had a great time getting our drink and eat on, The day before the game I took my nephew and friend Pete to On Target to put some rounds through the M&P's Neither had shot many handguns so after teaching them some basics we burned a couple hundred rounds my shooting sucked but its hard to get much quality out of my shooting when teaching others, at least for me your mileage may very.
     Hope to get out into the woods around the holidays and maybe get one more deer for the freezer or at least get the young bucks out for a squirrel hunt or two. Dont want to jinx it but the computer doesn't seem possessed anymore so maybe ill get a christmas post in a couple days but if not Y'all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS