Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


06:30 11 month old housebroken puppy pisses on floor
08:30 Tire comes apart on way to work need 4 tires $260.00
09:30 Tire shop informs me tie rods are bad cost $250.00 to replace
10:30 Shop informs me rack will need to be replaced  $466.00
11:30 Check facebook page that's still up first time in months and see good Friend commits suicide
12:00 Pick car up from shop tell them to forget tie rod s and just pay for tires

It been a good start to the week shouldn't they all start this way LMFAO. Ha sometime ya just gotta laugh about it. Priced parts an figure it would cost me about 100 or so to get tie rod ends shouldn't be that hard to replace when i get time lets hope it all holds together until then new tires ride nice and smooth and now you can really feel the play in the rod ends. Shop would not replace them with out replacing rack because they cant guarantee old rack wont leak but for price $266.00 just for the rack Ill replace the ends and if it does leak a little ill just trow fluid in as I go. With a twenty year old car just about everything but the new radiator leaks anyway. so another project to add to my evergrowing
l shits taking fishing time away me not happy. On another front stopped out top bass pro after anniversary dinner on Saturday ( did i mention I have a great wife) and pick up some lures for this weekend. Wile there we check the guns out or the wife she decided on a revolver probably a 38 and bass pro only had 3 revolvers . I was there about 2 weeks ago and they had a huge selection of hand guns revolvers and semi look like they been doing some business as of late guy said they were about out of everything sure hope the gun shop I usually buy from has more in house looks like people are getting scared again and buying things up the closer we get to election i guess its good for business. Now if i can just get out of work early enough to go shopping.

And then the wheel fell off

On my way to a work this morning the my left front tire blows out rubber literally separated from the rest yeah FML so upon further inspection the rest of the tires look just about as bad. So pulled into pepboys and am currently getting 4 new tires and an alignment not exactly in the budget but at least I have the ability to pay for it . It seem like alot of people I know as soon as we get a step ahead something knocks us back and running 20 year old equipment shit happens. I just rotated the tires last week when working on the jeep and they all had decent tread hoped i could at least get to spring. I have to keep this one running my back up is blown and the alternative is a 10 mile bike ride each way in rush hour traffic through shitty neighborhoods although that would be good exercise I think ill pass.
The down side to working in the city moneys good but its a shit hole and not a place I would want to be stranded. As I'm writing this pepboys call and says tie rods are shot and alignment cant be done till there fixed figured that was coming I have never taken my car to a shop where what I have taken it there for is just what they have fixed guess that's why I do most of the work my self well guess I have to figure this one out what an great way to start a fucking week off. Ill have to take a minute wrap my mind around this one a figure out the best plan. could be worse

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This and that

Been another busy week at work but that's nothing new had alot on my mind lately just cant seem to put it in writing. Other than that my minds been on last weekends project the ole jeep so now that I know that I'm looking at needing a new motor and I already know that the input shaft bearing on the tranny is going away and I will probably have to replace that too if I intend to keep it.To get long block new runs about 2400.00 and the tranny I price between 1300 and 1700 and that's if I install them all which is kind of hard to do in my apartment parking lot otherwise its part the jeep out and see what I can make and walk away from it which will suck because I just replaced the exhaust suspension trac bar plastic fenders an tires last year. So now the decision replace motor an transmission or part it out an buy a used truck decision decisions. Any suggestions? I did mange to get my kayaks rudder put on it was supposed to come with it installed but didn't and it took a month to come in. Had to drive 3 hour round trip to drop it off last Friday and to pick it up yesterday at least now I can schedule a trip for next week end being on the water always helps me think strait or at least that my story. As for today its my and the Misses 6 anniversary I here its the iron anniversary so to celebrate were off gun shopping for her. Now that's my kinda anniversary looks like she narrowed down her choices I will blog later on her choice then a good dinner somewhere to top it off I leaning toward seafood yum. Cant believe I been so lucky to have such a special woman in my life even more interesting is she has put up with all my shit all these years and to top it off she love to shoot and hunt now if I can just get her in a kayak. o well guess nobodys perfect she says its not enough boat.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still runs better than the gubment

I finally got back around to working on my jeep that I posted about a couple of months ago time hasn't been on my side to tackle the project. So lets start with I'm not a mechanic by far, but I have always worked on my own cars and have learned a little over the years so with the history of a 2000 jeeps head problems and what the jeep was doing (still ran just sounded like hell and had water in the oil) I came to the conclusion, cracked head. Man was I wrong not the first time for sure but when I pulled the valve cover and push rods I found this.

one of these thing is not like the others
I think these are supposed to be strait ok so maybe still the head I'm thinking but now its not looking good this was the # 4 cylinder. The rest looked fine a little rust but not bad and it has sat for 6 Months.

missing something

Then I pulled the head well I pulled the head after three fucking hours of trying to get the fucking intake and manifold off I would like to kick some fucking engineer at jeep right in the fucking nuts. Yeah i know they don't design them to be worked on but a little fucking fore though would be fucking nice I had to call a friend with skinny arms and had to hold the wrench from the top while he 1/4 turned em from the bottom like I said 3 hour and 18 beers and we see something missing nothing big just the whole fucking cylinder that's all, funny thing is I cant find any of the pieces its like they vanished.So as the pictures shows its pretty fucked cant believe its still ran. My buddy said probably better to throw it out and buy a new long block and start from scratch like the gubmint it will cost too much to fix probably still wont run right and this bitch still runs better on 5 cylinders.

My temporary cylinder replacement. Things always seem to come apart better with a little liquid motivation.Should have just went fishing!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 Days in pictures

Rushing out the city before the storm

thursday pool league

friday bow practice

Been busy livin the dream no work this weekend all play sometimes ya just gotta go let loose a little
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

1 month and 10 days

Broke out the old bow today after work its pass time to get ready for bow season I only have a month or so. Been so busy working that I haven't had time to shoot but times a ticking so I have to dust the bow off. The only good thing is I have been shooting this bow for about 14 years so its kinda like an extension of my arm just point and shoot it all comes back really quick. Every year I flirt with the thought of buying a new bow but I just cant get rid of something that still works ya know if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have on the other hand squeaked in time to walk the woods and like the bow most of the places I hunt don't change much. Venison getting low in the fridge and being able to walk the woods with my bow keeps me sane cant wait for September.
Mathews Feather Max

Saturday, August 4, 2012


view out the jetty from shore
Well got the new yak wet today on its maiden voyage . The Malibu Xfactor is a fine ride and the most stable kayak that i have ever been on though not that i have been on a lot of them.took it out on the patapsco and there was a good stiff wind blowing making for a good chop and she handled it all well my only problem was i forgot my cushion seat at home and that would have made for a more comfortable ride. My observation the equipment is much better than the operator and my old ass is out of shape but there isn't any better way to get in shape to paddle than to just do it and its dam nice and relaxing to be out on the water without a motor running.
My nephew getting ready for a ride
My nephew joined me in a wash tub ( sit in kayak) I reluctantly let him have a ride.
this thing is as long as my car but only weighs about 68 pounds if you have tried kayaking in a sit on top i highly recommend it. hopefully I can cut lose from work early one day this week and christen it with some fish slime.

Hell yeah finally its here

Had a great Friday  but it was a tough week started last weekend took a trip to Asheville to visit the in laws and that didn't go well long story short lots of hours in a car no sleep and a crack head sister in law not to mention a stay at a dirty motel in troutville VA ( you go red roof). Then back to work on Monday broken garage door parts unavailable and trash stuck inside for nearly a week a good smell. Solution hand carry 4 dumpster loads of trash out a side door up stair to a truck yeah love my job sometimes. Then to top it off the brand new 18500 btu ac I purchased for my side work that I completed wouldn't turn on kept tripping gfi as soon as it was turned on. Argh last thing i wanted to do is try and get wally mart to replace this since i bought it a month ago. Ahh  but things started to turn around garage door people showed up Friday morning with all the parts and I trouble shot the ac turns out has a bad cord made cord and worked like a charm whew left work at 12 and headed south to Solomons for the best part my long awaited kayak pick up hell yeah! I put the down payment on it back in may but Malibu Kayak apparently had some issues in there business so two months later I finally got it in minus the rudder kit lost somewhere in space but I gonna go float it this morning and I been waiting like a kid at Christmas for this one for a while. This is my little freedom finder think I'm gonna call it the Freehawk cause it don't need no gas no registration and no bullshit just me and a paddle. So times a wasting. Ill post pics later. besides I'm sure the wife would love to have it out the living room.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Not much to say this week so Ill just share some of what i been listening to while working