Saturday, August 4, 2012


view out the jetty from shore
Well got the new yak wet today on its maiden voyage . The Malibu Xfactor is a fine ride and the most stable kayak that i have ever been on though not that i have been on a lot of them.took it out on the patapsco and there was a good stiff wind blowing making for a good chop and she handled it all well my only problem was i forgot my cushion seat at home and that would have made for a more comfortable ride. My observation the equipment is much better than the operator and my old ass is out of shape but there isn't any better way to get in shape to paddle than to just do it and its dam nice and relaxing to be out on the water without a motor running.
My nephew getting ready for a ride
My nephew joined me in a wash tub ( sit in kayak) I reluctantly let him have a ride.
this thing is as long as my car but only weighs about 68 pounds if you have tried kayaking in a sit on top i highly recommend it. hopefully I can cut lose from work early one day this week and christen it with some fish slime.

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