Monday, August 27, 2012

And then the wheel fell off

On my way to a work this morning the my left front tire blows out rubber literally separated from the rest yeah FML so upon further inspection the rest of the tires look just about as bad. So pulled into pepboys and am currently getting 4 new tires and an alignment not exactly in the budget but at least I have the ability to pay for it . It seem like alot of people I know as soon as we get a step ahead something knocks us back and running 20 year old equipment shit happens. I just rotated the tires last week when working on the jeep and they all had decent tread hoped i could at least get to spring. I have to keep this one running my back up is blown and the alternative is a 10 mile bike ride each way in rush hour traffic through shitty neighborhoods although that would be good exercise I think ill pass.
The down side to working in the city moneys good but its a shit hole and not a place I would want to be stranded. As I'm writing this pepboys call and says tie rods are shot and alignment cant be done till there fixed figured that was coming I have never taken my car to a shop where what I have taken it there for is just what they have fixed guess that's why I do most of the work my self well guess I have to figure this one out what an great way to start a fucking week off. Ill have to take a minute wrap my mind around this one a figure out the best plan. could be worse

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