Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dodged the worst

Looks like the Baltimore area dodged the worst of the storm.Flooding and trees down but compared to the coast and NYC we were pretty lucky there was one death in my immediate area it seems some pour fella went to get a drink from the kitchen when a 50 foot tree crashed through it killing him now that's some tough luck. At work the only damage was to the guard shack roof at the college it came clean off and blew across the parking lot but no flooded basements or roof damage so I was relieved.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm watcher

Been splitting time between going outside and being glued to the tv. I can never get enough storm watching and always seem to want to get out and feel it for myself who knows maybe I'm weird.  luckily I still have power for now. winds been whipping and the little creek behind the house isn't so little at this point. This storm has been epic from flooding at shore to snow in the mountains I actually expected it to be worse here where I live but not complaining on lack of damage in my neighborhood so far. The pictures from places I know like Ocean City Md where they lost the fishing pier are crazy it amazing to see a place you know just covered up. I'm sure that come sun up tomorrow we will be able to get a true handle on the damage. As much as I feel for those who lost life or property It amazing seeing the power of nature. The transformer explosion and tower crane in NYC are just a few of those things destroyed. Tomorrow I roll into work and check on the hotel and college and see how much work I have ahead of me.

Thanks Sandy

Just wanted to thank sandy for one hell of a birthday today.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prepping for the storm

Looks like sandy gonna be a real bitch and shes headed this way spent Thursday and Friday making sure things at work were in order and today going over stuff at home. My friends were off to the beach this morning to pull the boat and batten down the trailer. looks like the coast is gonna get the worst . I figure here it will be heavy rain and wind which usually means no power still hoping this thing turns right and heads out to sea. Got some fishing in from shore last night but there wasn't much biting tomorrow morning would probably be better fishing usually good just before a storm but Ill be headed to work so no fun for me. If this storm drops a lot of rain the run off in the bay will probably mess up fishing for a good while. on the bright side my nephew messaged me from the woods this morning and the deer were moving lots of rubs and scrapes and signs the ruts is coming so looks like hunting plans for next weekend. Hope everyone on the east coast is ready for Sandy to come ashore

Friday, October 12, 2012

A day on the water

Managed to get enough done so that I had the rest of the afternoon to play,checked the tide low at 11am great I would be getting to the water right about the incoming tide. Then the marine forecast aaarrrggghhh it was a little breezy at my place but I am a couple of miles inland from the bay on the bay 15 to 30 mph winds with 35+ gust and a small craft advisory. Hmm shouldn't be to bad I thought besides its a big kayak and when am I gonna get a minute off again. So off I went plan was to grab a few crab traps at a buddy's house and let em soak while I fish, just for one last go at em. Loaded up the kayak and headed to the launch on the Patapsco.
Patapsco river looking north

Didn't look to bad so I launch and put a rod out to troll to where I planed to drop the crab traps. Immediately I hooked up a small rockfish and by the time I landed and released it I drifted a 1/4 of a mile. Hmm I thought this ain't good. Then on the paddle back the gust kicked in and it was all I could do to hold my ground. Paddled in Plan b go to the creek and hopefully it will block the wind.

Stoney creek

Plan b not so much managed to drop the traps and run them a few times but no crabs biting and I couldn't buy a fish bite not even the white perch would bite and the creek had smaller waves but the wind was relentless and after 2 hours I was burnt out and it was time to call it quits. I wills still take a windy day on the water over work and it was real peacefully out I was the only big dummy on the water not a soul to be seen. There is a cold front blowing in tonight supposed to get are first real freeze so will probably be my last trip on the yak unless I can manage to afford so cold weather gear today's 60 degree temps was about as cold as i can go in shorts even if the water was 67 though I'm sure the wind chill was a huge factor.

So final tally one 14 inch rockfish  (striper to ya non MD folks) 0 crabs and big smiles I needed a day on the water.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More hunting to come

A friend of mine ask why I don't blog more about hunting so in my drunken stupor I think I lied and said that I would have some good ones to post real soon but the reality is that when I go hunting I think there is more sleeping involved than dedicated stalking of prey. Throw in a little wildlife watching and some snacking and there you have it a slacker hunter. In my youth I was gung ho to fill the fridge with meat and beat my chest over the monsters I was after. I shot and ate everything furry thing that walked by. Now as I am a bit older I am happy to just relax take in the scenery and enjoy the spirit of the woods and occasionally take home some sustenance at least enough for me and the wife. So though I am quite capable of stalking my prey I am just not as driven. I still get the same excitement as if it were my first time but I don't always pull the trigger. I will shoot the big boy if I see him and brag just as loud, it just doesn't drive me any more Ill be just as happy to watch the small ones pass sitting quietly above enjoying nature smiling and truly know I'm living the dream.

Still livin the dream

Happiness in a glass Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Preparing to launch no heavy seas here
I'm still living the dream even though I have been working to much Its an election year and as much as I try to ignore it its everywhere O and Ive been caught breaking the law (dam redlight cameras). I refuse to leave my home state to live some place more free cause its just to dam much fun thumbing my nose at them. I ran 2 stops signs and drove over the speed limit all the way home (LMAO) so there. Ill get those pesky cameras one day. I'm sure I broke a few other laws just cant figure what they were. On the living part besides enjoying some late meals and beers with good friends this past weekend my plans are to get one last crabbing trip on the yak ( first for me on a kayak) and do a little fishing while I let em soak maybe Ill even have a beer while I'm out cause ya know how dangerous drinking and paddling are to society.And then a wedding for my little cuz on saturday my whole crazy family should be there lets hope we dont end up in jail they dont usually let us all party together these things dont always end well. So while the world goes crazy Ill try to pay attention but most likely Ill have gone paddling.

Monday, October 1, 2012