Friday, October 12, 2012

A day on the water

Managed to get enough done so that I had the rest of the afternoon to play,checked the tide low at 11am great I would be getting to the water right about the incoming tide. Then the marine forecast aaarrrggghhh it was a little breezy at my place but I am a couple of miles inland from the bay on the bay 15 to 30 mph winds with 35+ gust and a small craft advisory. Hmm shouldn't be to bad I thought besides its a big kayak and when am I gonna get a minute off again. So off I went plan was to grab a few crab traps at a buddy's house and let em soak while I fish, just for one last go at em. Loaded up the kayak and headed to the launch on the Patapsco.
Patapsco river looking north

Didn't look to bad so I launch and put a rod out to troll to where I planed to drop the crab traps. Immediately I hooked up a small rockfish and by the time I landed and released it I drifted a 1/4 of a mile. Hmm I thought this ain't good. Then on the paddle back the gust kicked in and it was all I could do to hold my ground. Paddled in Plan b go to the creek and hopefully it will block the wind.

Stoney creek

Plan b not so much managed to drop the traps and run them a few times but no crabs biting and I couldn't buy a fish bite not even the white perch would bite and the creek had smaller waves but the wind was relentless and after 2 hours I was burnt out and it was time to call it quits. I wills still take a windy day on the water over work and it was real peacefully out I was the only big dummy on the water not a soul to be seen. There is a cold front blowing in tonight supposed to get are first real freeze so will probably be my last trip on the yak unless I can manage to afford so cold weather gear today's 60 degree temps was about as cold as i can go in shorts even if the water was 67 though I'm sure the wind chill was a huge factor.

So final tally one 14 inch rockfish  (striper to ya non MD folks) 0 crabs and big smiles I needed a day on the water.

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