Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More hunting to come

A friend of mine ask why I don't blog more about hunting so in my drunken stupor I think I lied and said that I would have some good ones to post real soon but the reality is that when I go hunting I think there is more sleeping involved than dedicated stalking of prey. Throw in a little wildlife watching and some snacking and there you have it a slacker hunter. In my youth I was gung ho to fill the fridge with meat and beat my chest over the monsters I was after. I shot and ate everything furry thing that walked by. Now as I am a bit older I am happy to just relax take in the scenery and enjoy the spirit of the woods and occasionally take home some sustenance at least enough for me and the wife. So though I am quite capable of stalking my prey I am just not as driven. I still get the same excitement as if it were my first time but I don't always pull the trigger. I will shoot the big boy if I see him and brag just as loud, it just doesn't drive me any more Ill be just as happy to watch the small ones pass sitting quietly above enjoying nature smiling and truly know I'm living the dream.

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