Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Work Monster Must Die

     It looks like the work monster is at it again, as soon as I think I will get a full weekend to get out and fish he chomps them away. Looks like work is going full tilt again for awhile. That is not all bad because it will put me closer to my financial goals but sucks some fun out of life in the short term. I can look forward to the 16th in which nothing but an act of god will keep me from. It is the annual trip a group of friends and I take to the Potomac to fish, cookout and drink some chillies on a small island near Shepardstown West Virginia. We have been going for more than 15 years and its a nice relaxing day catching up with old friends that I simply wont miss. Guess I will get some rest so I can get a good start killing this beast. If your out and about that way stop on buy and grab a cold one.

Fort McHenry

Was checking through my usual blogs today when I came across some curious history that the author had missed. It comes from the historic site I have probably visited more than any other and it was also a first for me here is the link there are also some nice pictures on Exploratorious. The more I learn of Lincoln, the more I loathe him, funny never learned things like this in history class.

Monday, July 28, 2014

well then

daddy take me

sunrise at the Bay Bridge

cruise ship ducking under

northern water snake the wife found in the yard while I was gone

Ryan catching some bait

He didn't take me
Hmm just noticed that my early July post never made it to post and half of it gone. This pretty much sums up my July. So here are the pictures but the story is gone make of it what you will. Now back to work with you!