Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Im getting ready to leave work pick up beer, oysters and shrimp and feast the last few hours of 2012.Wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Somebody didn't have a good christmas

I'm guessing this guy thought the store would be empty for the holiday. One shouldn't assume. Link here. This shop is a couple miles away from me been there quite a few times. Glad only the intruder was hurt hope It didn't ruin the employees Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Relax its Christmas

Enjoying the Holidays with family and friends.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Google came through the tip I got about the Ignition Control module worked like a charm. Of course changing it wouldn't be that easy who ever gave the Honda her last tune up stripped all the screws for the distributor and I had to resort to needle nose vise grips to get em out 1/8 turn at a time. A wise man would have made it a point to change the screws but I don't know who he is and didn't have transportation to such a place to buy em so I switched some from a more accessible spot on the car and put the stripped ones where I could work with em. So long story short I'm on the road again.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Uncle Murphy Take That

I have had a really good month so despite not keeping my own advice and getting out there to hunt, fish and such. I have been knocking down some long worn projects left and right. And even still, old uncle Murphy keeps fucking with my vehicles. But no fear I have tools and I am just dumb enough to use em. Last night on my way home my 20 year old Honda just quit. It didn't surge, spark, flutter,or lope, no it just stop running like someone shut her down. Except it was on radio blaring, lights shinning and all. No check engine no warning she just stop then would not start at least not for about twenty minutes. I did the usual rundown of culprits on the side of the road the best I could but then just like that she started and we went home. Good I thought maybe she hiccuped some bad gas lord know I feed her the good stuff. So this morning I jumped in fired her up and off we went, purred like a kitten for 6 miles then notta nope stopped again. So now I stand baffled I have had a lot of car and lets be real before I bought my jeep that up and died  most of my cars were from the wonderful decade I was born or when Reagan was president hell I paid 1000.00 bucks for my first 5 cars combined , all together. So let say I have heard cars make a bunch of strange sound and have drove them for years with valves tapping and oil burning but I have never had a car run and sound perfect then just turn off no warning no sounds or smoke ummm wtf. So google here I come for a few hours of searching I found exactly 1 person on all the interwebs who had my problem and ask the question wtf. And apparently he did what I was about to do and start throwing parts at it but because of this guy hopefully I have the part I need a Ignition control module ( didn't even know they existed I'm so out of the loop). So here I pray that I have Murphy by the balls and this small not so cheap part fixes my problem and otherwise does not tarnish a hell of a week. Well lets be real probably wont work and it still won't matter Ill cuss it figure it out drink a beer and still have a Merry Fucking Christmas. Hell Yeah!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

where did it go

November up and walked away on me. The last month has been a whirlwind round here not much bloggin' there has been a lot of work and to little play but I have gotten a bunch of those pesky life projects out of the way and if I can keep Murphy in check I might just accomplish some hard earned goals that I have been working towards. Had to let some things go though my jeep Ole Blue had to go to much to fix needed the cash for something else gonna miss that jeep. One shouldn't get so attach to a vehicle but I have some memories in that one we have been through hell and back. not much else to speak of so I will end with pictures from November



working baking drinking

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

nothing here

I have not done anything but work and even that's been ho hum so I got nothing here. I am going to have to change this, work is so overrated and where the hell has the year gone its almost thanksgiving. I seriously need to get my ass in the woods or on the water I need some fresh meat and I really don't know how apartment dwellers do this shit its been 2 years since I have had a yard or workshop to piddle in and the wife get kinda mad when I use the dinning room table to clean guns fish and there is just no place to skin a deer here they trim all the lower branches away. I hope all this work pays off and I can buy me a place with some room preferably with enough space to get drunk and piss off the front porch without offending anyone.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dodged the worst

Looks like the Baltimore area dodged the worst of the storm.Flooding and trees down but compared to the coast and NYC we were pretty lucky there was one death in my immediate area it seems some pour fella went to get a drink from the kitchen when a 50 foot tree crashed through it killing him now that's some tough luck. At work the only damage was to the guard shack roof at the college it came clean off and blew across the parking lot but no flooded basements or roof damage so I was relieved.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm watcher

Been splitting time between going outside and being glued to the tv. I can never get enough storm watching and always seem to want to get out and feel it for myself who knows maybe I'm weird.  luckily I still have power for now. winds been whipping and the little creek behind the house isn't so little at this point. This storm has been epic from flooding at shore to snow in the mountains I actually expected it to be worse here where I live but not complaining on lack of damage in my neighborhood so far. The pictures from places I know like Ocean City Md where they lost the fishing pier are crazy it amazing to see a place you know just covered up. I'm sure that come sun up tomorrow we will be able to get a true handle on the damage. As much as I feel for those who lost life or property It amazing seeing the power of nature. The transformer explosion and tower crane in NYC are just a few of those things destroyed. Tomorrow I roll into work and check on the hotel and college and see how much work I have ahead of me.

Thanks Sandy

Just wanted to thank sandy for one hell of a birthday today.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prepping for the storm

Looks like sandy gonna be a real bitch and shes headed this way spent Thursday and Friday making sure things at work were in order and today going over stuff at home. My friends were off to the beach this morning to pull the boat and batten down the trailer. looks like the coast is gonna get the worst . I figure here it will be heavy rain and wind which usually means no power still hoping this thing turns right and heads out to sea. Got some fishing in from shore last night but there wasn't much biting tomorrow morning would probably be better fishing usually good just before a storm but Ill be headed to work so no fun for me. If this storm drops a lot of rain the run off in the bay will probably mess up fishing for a good while. on the bright side my nephew messaged me from the woods this morning and the deer were moving lots of rubs and scrapes and signs the ruts is coming so looks like hunting plans for next weekend. Hope everyone on the east coast is ready for Sandy to come ashore

Friday, October 12, 2012

A day on the water

Managed to get enough done so that I had the rest of the afternoon to play,checked the tide low at 11am great I would be getting to the water right about the incoming tide. Then the marine forecast aaarrrggghhh it was a little breezy at my place but I am a couple of miles inland from the bay on the bay 15 to 30 mph winds with 35+ gust and a small craft advisory. Hmm shouldn't be to bad I thought besides its a big kayak and when am I gonna get a minute off again. So off I went plan was to grab a few crab traps at a buddy's house and let em soak while I fish, just for one last go at em. Loaded up the kayak and headed to the launch on the Patapsco.
Patapsco river looking north

Didn't look to bad so I launch and put a rod out to troll to where I planed to drop the crab traps. Immediately I hooked up a small rockfish and by the time I landed and released it I drifted a 1/4 of a mile. Hmm I thought this ain't good. Then on the paddle back the gust kicked in and it was all I could do to hold my ground. Paddled in Plan b go to the creek and hopefully it will block the wind.

Stoney creek

Plan b not so much managed to drop the traps and run them a few times but no crabs biting and I couldn't buy a fish bite not even the white perch would bite and the creek had smaller waves but the wind was relentless and after 2 hours I was burnt out and it was time to call it quits. I wills still take a windy day on the water over work and it was real peacefully out I was the only big dummy on the water not a soul to be seen. There is a cold front blowing in tonight supposed to get are first real freeze so will probably be my last trip on the yak unless I can manage to afford so cold weather gear today's 60 degree temps was about as cold as i can go in shorts even if the water was 67 though I'm sure the wind chill was a huge factor.

So final tally one 14 inch rockfish  (striper to ya non MD folks) 0 crabs and big smiles I needed a day on the water.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More hunting to come

A friend of mine ask why I don't blog more about hunting so in my drunken stupor I think I lied and said that I would have some good ones to post real soon but the reality is that when I go hunting I think there is more sleeping involved than dedicated stalking of prey. Throw in a little wildlife watching and some snacking and there you have it a slacker hunter. In my youth I was gung ho to fill the fridge with meat and beat my chest over the monsters I was after. I shot and ate everything furry thing that walked by. Now as I am a bit older I am happy to just relax take in the scenery and enjoy the spirit of the woods and occasionally take home some sustenance at least enough for me and the wife. So though I am quite capable of stalking my prey I am just not as driven. I still get the same excitement as if it were my first time but I don't always pull the trigger. I will shoot the big boy if I see him and brag just as loud, it just doesn't drive me any more Ill be just as happy to watch the small ones pass sitting quietly above enjoying nature smiling and truly know I'm living the dream.

Still livin the dream

Happiness in a glass Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Preparing to launch no heavy seas here
I'm still living the dream even though I have been working to much Its an election year and as much as I try to ignore it its everywhere O and Ive been caught breaking the law (dam redlight cameras). I refuse to leave my home state to live some place more free cause its just to dam much fun thumbing my nose at them. I ran 2 stops signs and drove over the speed limit all the way home (LMAO) so there. Ill get those pesky cameras one day. I'm sure I broke a few other laws just cant figure what they were. On the living part besides enjoying some late meals and beers with good friends this past weekend my plans are to get one last crabbing trip on the yak ( first for me on a kayak) and do a little fishing while I let em soak maybe Ill even have a beer while I'm out cause ya know how dangerous drinking and paddling are to society.And then a wedding for my little cuz on saturday my whole crazy family should be there lets hope we dont end up in jail they dont usually let us all party together these things dont always end well. So while the world goes crazy Ill try to pay attention but most likely Ill have gone paddling.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gun fish

Gun fish trigger was already taken. Stole borrowed this pic from Joel.

Apparently the guy that caught it didn't think it was a keeper and threw it back. He was scared of the gun fish me I gotta figure out where this guy fishes I would love to hook a glock fish or maybe a classic 1911 fish would it be to much to ask for one of those black rifle fishys. I guy can dream right.

Back from the woods

I see nothing has changed in the world since I was gone even the hotel I work at is still standing in spite of the Gm's beliefs don't know if that's good or bad for me. Wish I was still in the woods spent the better part of last week in garret state forest camping and hunting at our annual hunting expedition. That's the way it was supposed to be happening but didn't get out until Tuesday and I made one small miscalculation. I re injured my back way back in spring and spent the last 6 months sleeping in a recliner because laying flat or on my side leaves me in excruciating pain. So my miscalculation was thinking for some unknown reason that at camp I would be healed and be able to lay flat on a cot FML. So long story short spent 3 days sleeping sitting in a truck seat and  mostly sleeping in my tree stand . Made the best of it enjoyed watching the never ending parade of small deer pass me by when I managed to stay awake and drinking some cold medicine around the camp fire at night. Check out Early on Friday when Saturdays forecast called for an all day rain and drove home to my most glorious lazy boy . Its the little things in life. As long as I sleep sitting up I can function lay flat pure misery. As The hunting report goes only my nephew scored a nice plump doe end every one else had my luck plenty of deer just none worth shooting. I did manage to get a nice buck in range but he snuck in as they do and got the drop on me before I saw him. Not exactly the trip to recharge my batteries so to say but definitely a good time and way to short.

home away from home

shelter on snaggy mountain


view from above

hornets nest

small camp fire
So back to the real world politicians still being politicians, the sheeple still eating at the stupid trough and I still dont care. Its back to work to make some frn's so I can get back to hunting and fishing. My kayaks calling me and hopefully the weather will hold out so I can get a line wet this weekend. The forcast is for rain and as long as the wind isnt to bad and thuderstorms arent about I just might get it in. You know the important stuff .
maybe next time

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost Treasure

I was going through my old hunting bag getting ready for my first outing of the year when out popped a knife I thought I lost. Now this wasn't just any knife but an original one of a kind. Not that it was expensive it didn't cost me a dime just a few hour of time while I was working  bored. Probably wouldn't get a dime if I would try to sell it, don't get me wrong it works well has skinned a few deer and is quite functional just not all that pretty. The reason its a treasure is I made it myself and it was my first go at knife making what makes it one of a kind is I made it from an old circular saw blade and a coffee table leg.

I built it to fit my hand with a nice chunky handle that is epoxied to the blade, stained and clear coated. I thought it was gone forever and was happy to see that I didn't lose it after all. It was stuck it the seam in the bottom of my hunting bag and had I not emptied the old bag completely out it might still be missing. It managed to get caught there because I don't have a sheath for it so I guess that's my next project find something to make a sheath. And since I scrounged to make the knife I guess I should do the same for a sheath. Only problem here is that my metal and wood working is much better than my leather crafting. I can say this with full confidence because the only leather I have ever work with is 0 unless you count breaking in some new boots. Research is necessary here any Ideas are welcome. Who knows if I'm lucky this week maybe I can use the knife to skin the deer that its sheath gets made from. See how things come full circle now off to fill the freezer.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Levi's 1st birthday

Cant believe the little shit is a year old all ready. After shooting spent the rest of the day trying to kill some of his everlasting energy . Mission accomplished the only thing he does more than play is sleep. I could not have a better doggie he is all weim stubborn, inquisitive, smart, energetic and loyal always sweet and always looking to play. Now kinda like the wife I gotta try to get him to ride on the kayak he hates him some water hell only drink from his water bowl if he sneaks up on it and the water doesn't see him coming. O well guess we can overlook that one.

My short humble shield reveiw

Not perfect but I wouldnt mess with her
My wife and I  got out to the range this morning to do a little shooting so I finally get to finish the review on her new m&p shield. First off for such a small gun and a rather big caliber .40 the gun handled very well with not to much kick it felt solid and came back to point very efficiently. Its my wife's first semi auto and she was a little apprehensive at first so I loaded one round so she could get a feel for it. After that shot I received a great big smile and full mags were loaded from there on, The only down side is that the magazine seemed extremely tight and hard to load even for me hopefully with some wear the spring will loosen and fix that problem. We put a couple hundred rounds through it with out any problems. From my very limited perspective on handguns I would say that this is an awesome sub compact for those looking for one with punch. My wife handle the gun very well and shot pretty effectively in my opinion. Now all we need is some real training.

our S&W

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

S&W Update

My wife was able to pick up her S&W Shield on Monday because we bought it on a holiday weekend it took the extra couple of days for processing paper work I love it when big brother gives me permission to do what I want but that's a topic for another blog. Unfortunately we been too busy working to get it to the range so all we can do is fondle it and work the action but she really excited to put some lead down range so hopefully we can get out Friday or Saturday at the latest and let some fly. Gonna be a busy weekend preparing for a trip bowhunting to the mountains trying to get alot of projects done at work and keeping my eye on any chance to get a line wet preferably from my kayak. The kayak fishing has been more addicting than I thought it would be. Its been real hard not to just call out sick and go for a paddle and with the beautiful weather we've had its been all I could do to make it to work. So unless some miracle happens (Im really workin on this one) the 28th would be the first day back on the water. Its hard to give up fishing time to go bowhunt life so hard sometimes. So enough whining looks like I going to be too busy Livin' The Dream for a change. To come, my best shot at a reveiw of the sheild.

Oh and the RAVENS whooped some ass on monday Hell Yeah!

I got Pics

Managed to coax some of the pics from my camera from last week plus some from my phone.
Setting up my X Factor

My pretty mug

little feller
Storm front crossing the bay
Local wildlife

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get out there

Great day yesterday on my only day off. I fished in the 2nd annual Chesapeake Kayak Anglers tournament at camp Wright on Kent Island. Weather wasn't the best but we all got out and fished in heavy winds and rough waters and most managed to catch a couple ,even yours truly. Though mine would be no where near contention to win anything. I thought that I would be smart and stick to sheltered waters by not fishing the bay bridge and hitting the narrows on the east side of the island however with a south wind and the usual ripping currents in the narrows it was anything but easy. The tournament benefits the Make A Wish Foundation and hopefully we made enough for them to make some child's wish come true as for me I cant wait for the next one. I felt better about my choice of fishing grounds after watching the few souls who dared the bay bridge paddle watching them slog back to the beach in that wind with no cover choosing the narrows was a good one. I would post pictures but in the weather conditions my not so water proof camera malfunction so you have to take my word on what I caught being  13" and 10" rock fish though with no pictures I can grow that number with time.So to anyone with an adventurous side who like to fish there is nothing like doing it from a kayak. GET OUT THERE !

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Real O's

And for the better O's for the first time since 1997 my much love Orioles are tied for first in September see miracles can happen


Watch the news long enough tonight to see the live shot of my home state Governor O'Malley.Looks like this pricks still trying to set himself up as the 2016 candidate if he kissed obammys ass any harder he break his fucking neck. Had the Pleasure of meeting this ass clown on more than one occasion and he even more of a slimeball in person. Just my opinion though.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

S&W Sheild

Its been a great weekend  so far the wife finally decided on a gun and we should have it in a week per regulations. She settled on the 40 cal S&W M&P shield. Didn't even know it existed but it was the one the minute she pick it up I can not say Im exactly tied in to whats new or exist in hand guns but I kinda like it so Ill give my layman's review later on after putting some down range. Personally I'm still waiting on a Kel Tec PMR 30 been waiting a long while and apparently there a pretty big back log on that one or so I'm told.
the Shield not mine

Other than finishing gun shopping I managed a few hours paddling the kayak Friday caught a few fish and such but mostly just floated around good way to unwind. spent this afternoon rigging up the yak for next weekends 2nd annual Chesapeake bay kayak anglers fishing tournament cant wait sounds like a lot of fun. Well its back to work tomorrow when you work at a hotel holidays are your busy time no rest for the weary.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


06:30 11 month old housebroken puppy pisses on floor
08:30 Tire comes apart on way to work need 4 tires $260.00
09:30 Tire shop informs me tie rods are bad cost $250.00 to replace
10:30 Shop informs me rack will need to be replaced  $466.00
11:30 Check facebook page that's still up first time in months and see good Friend commits suicide
12:00 Pick car up from shop tell them to forget tie rod s and just pay for tires

It been a good start to the week shouldn't they all start this way LMFAO. Ha sometime ya just gotta laugh about it. Priced parts an figure it would cost me about 100 or so to get tie rod ends shouldn't be that hard to replace when i get time lets hope it all holds together until then new tires ride nice and smooth and now you can really feel the play in the rod ends. Shop would not replace them with out replacing rack because they cant guarantee old rack wont leak but for price $266.00 just for the rack Ill replace the ends and if it does leak a little ill just trow fluid in as I go. With a twenty year old car just about everything but the new radiator leaks anyway. so another project to add to my evergrowing
l shits taking fishing time away me not happy. On another front stopped out top bass pro after anniversary dinner on Saturday ( did i mention I have a great wife) and pick up some lures for this weekend. Wile there we check the guns out or the wife she decided on a revolver probably a 38 and bass pro only had 3 revolvers . I was there about 2 weeks ago and they had a huge selection of hand guns revolvers and semi look like they been doing some business as of late guy said they were about out of everything sure hope the gun shop I usually buy from has more in house looks like people are getting scared again and buying things up the closer we get to election i guess its good for business. Now if i can just get out of work early enough to go shopping.

And then the wheel fell off

On my way to a work this morning the my left front tire blows out rubber literally separated from the rest yeah FML so upon further inspection the rest of the tires look just about as bad. So pulled into pepboys and am currently getting 4 new tires and an alignment not exactly in the budget but at least I have the ability to pay for it . It seem like alot of people I know as soon as we get a step ahead something knocks us back and running 20 year old equipment shit happens. I just rotated the tires last week when working on the jeep and they all had decent tread hoped i could at least get to spring. I have to keep this one running my back up is blown and the alternative is a 10 mile bike ride each way in rush hour traffic through shitty neighborhoods although that would be good exercise I think ill pass.
The down side to working in the city moneys good but its a shit hole and not a place I would want to be stranded. As I'm writing this pepboys call and says tie rods are shot and alignment cant be done till there fixed figured that was coming I have never taken my car to a shop where what I have taken it there for is just what they have fixed guess that's why I do most of the work my self well guess I have to figure this one out what an great way to start a fucking week off. Ill have to take a minute wrap my mind around this one a figure out the best plan. could be worse

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This and that

Been another busy week at work but that's nothing new had alot on my mind lately just cant seem to put it in writing. Other than that my minds been on last weekends project the ole jeep so now that I know that I'm looking at needing a new motor and I already know that the input shaft bearing on the tranny is going away and I will probably have to replace that too if I intend to keep it.To get long block new runs about 2400.00 and the tranny I price between 1300 and 1700 and that's if I install them all which is kind of hard to do in my apartment parking lot otherwise its part the jeep out and see what I can make and walk away from it which will suck because I just replaced the exhaust suspension trac bar plastic fenders an tires last year. So now the decision replace motor an transmission or part it out an buy a used truck decision decisions. Any suggestions? I did mange to get my kayaks rudder put on it was supposed to come with it installed but didn't and it took a month to come in. Had to drive 3 hour round trip to drop it off last Friday and to pick it up yesterday at least now I can schedule a trip for next week end being on the water always helps me think strait or at least that my story. As for today its my and the Misses 6 anniversary I here its the iron anniversary so to celebrate were off gun shopping for her. Now that's my kinda anniversary looks like she narrowed down her choices I will blog later on her choice then a good dinner somewhere to top it off I leaning toward seafood yum. Cant believe I been so lucky to have such a special woman in my life even more interesting is she has put up with all my shit all these years and to top it off she love to shoot and hunt now if I can just get her in a kayak. o well guess nobodys perfect she says its not enough boat.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still runs better than the gubment

I finally got back around to working on my jeep that I posted about a couple of months ago time hasn't been on my side to tackle the project. So lets start with I'm not a mechanic by far, but I have always worked on my own cars and have learned a little over the years so with the history of a 2000 jeeps head problems and what the jeep was doing (still ran just sounded like hell and had water in the oil) I came to the conclusion, cracked head. Man was I wrong not the first time for sure but when I pulled the valve cover and push rods I found this.

one of these thing is not like the others
I think these are supposed to be strait ok so maybe still the head I'm thinking but now its not looking good this was the # 4 cylinder. The rest looked fine a little rust but not bad and it has sat for 6 Months.

missing something

Then I pulled the head well I pulled the head after three fucking hours of trying to get the fucking intake and manifold off I would like to kick some fucking engineer at jeep right in the fucking nuts. Yeah i know they don't design them to be worked on but a little fucking fore though would be fucking nice I had to call a friend with skinny arms and had to hold the wrench from the top while he 1/4 turned em from the bottom like I said 3 hour and 18 beers and we see something missing nothing big just the whole fucking cylinder that's all, funny thing is I cant find any of the pieces its like they vanished.So as the pictures shows its pretty fucked cant believe its still ran. My buddy said probably better to throw it out and buy a new long block and start from scratch like the gubmint it will cost too much to fix probably still wont run right and this bitch still runs better on 5 cylinders.

My temporary cylinder replacement. Things always seem to come apart better with a little liquid motivation.Should have just went fishing!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 Days in pictures

Rushing out the city before the storm

thursday pool league

friday bow practice

Been busy livin the dream no work this weekend all play sometimes ya just gotta go let loose a little
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