Saturday, September 1, 2012

S&W Sheild

Its been a great weekend  so far the wife finally decided on a gun and we should have it in a week per regulations. She settled on the 40 cal S&W M&P shield. Didn't even know it existed but it was the one the minute she pick it up I can not say Im exactly tied in to whats new or exist in hand guns but I kinda like it so Ill give my layman's review later on after putting some down range. Personally I'm still waiting on a Kel Tec PMR 30 been waiting a long while and apparently there a pretty big back log on that one or so I'm told.
the Shield not mine

Other than finishing gun shopping I managed a few hours paddling the kayak Friday caught a few fish and such but mostly just floated around good way to unwind. spent this afternoon rigging up the yak for next weekends 2nd annual Chesapeake bay kayak anglers fishing tournament cant wait sounds like a lot of fun. Well its back to work tomorrow when you work at a hotel holidays are your busy time no rest for the weary.

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