Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get out there

Great day yesterday on my only day off. I fished in the 2nd annual Chesapeake Kayak Anglers tournament at camp Wright on Kent Island. Weather wasn't the best but we all got out and fished in heavy winds and rough waters and most managed to catch a couple ,even yours truly. Though mine would be no where near contention to win anything. I thought that I would be smart and stick to sheltered waters by not fishing the bay bridge and hitting the narrows on the east side of the island however with a south wind and the usual ripping currents in the narrows it was anything but easy. The tournament benefits the Make A Wish Foundation and hopefully we made enough for them to make some child's wish come true as for me I cant wait for the next one. I felt better about my choice of fishing grounds after watching the few souls who dared the bay bridge paddle watching them slog back to the beach in that wind with no cover choosing the narrows was a good one. I would post pictures but in the weather conditions my not so water proof camera malfunction so you have to take my word on what I caught being  13" and 10" rock fish though with no pictures I can grow that number with time.So to anyone with an adventurous side who like to fish there is nothing like doing it from a kayak. GET OUT THERE !

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