Saturday, September 15, 2012

My short humble shield reveiw

Not perfect but I wouldnt mess with her
My wife and I  got out to the range this morning to do a little shooting so I finally get to finish the review on her new m&p shield. First off for such a small gun and a rather big caliber .40 the gun handled very well with not to much kick it felt solid and came back to point very efficiently. Its my wife's first semi auto and she was a little apprehensive at first so I loaded one round so she could get a feel for it. After that shot I received a great big smile and full mags were loaded from there on, The only down side is that the magazine seemed extremely tight and hard to load even for me hopefully with some wear the spring will loosen and fix that problem. We put a couple hundred rounds through it with out any problems. From my very limited perspective on handguns I would say that this is an awesome sub compact for those looking for one with punch. My wife handle the gun very well and shot pretty effectively in my opinion. Now all we need is some real training.

our S&W

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