Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Everytime I think I have seen it all BANG! something new the gubmint gonna advertise foodstamps. Um YES I SAID ADVERTISE FOOD STAMPS really wtf and spend 3mil to do it wow ok loss for words had a good day worked 11 hours, nice chunk to the theives mafia taxman and there gonna use some to advertise giving away more ok guess ill just go to bed so I can be fresh to work 16 more tommorrow uncle sams gonna need to steal my cash.

balcony garden

tomato and mexi bell
topsy turvy tomatoe
Have always had a vegetable garden for as long as I can remeber even thought the last couple of years I have been an apartment dweller ans believe me not by choice. Well my big garden area with a freind of mine was lost in a divorce his not mine so I was left with a balcony. You got lemon etc.etc. I got a balcony so I worked with what I have and Impressed myself have already had a healthy crop of strawberries and now I have a good crop of tomatoes, 3 different peppers and some spices.Also found some blackberries in the neighborhood about ready to pick


I had about an hour and a half of day light after work tonight so back to wrenching on the jeep managed to make some progress pull the altenator, power steering pump, and coil pack. Spent most of that time breaking bolts loose and lucky for me not any knuckles. All thats left is to pull the intake and the manifold unfortunatly my next few days ill be working doubles so that puts me to friday and the forcast is for 100 degree weather and my wrenching bone melts above 95 so might push this for a bit. Besides saturday gonna go wade the potomac for some smallies a man has to have prioritys and hot weather calls for cold beer and fishing in the water nuff said.

Monday, June 25, 2012

jeeps,bees,and a/c

ole blue
Finally got a minute to work on the jeep and start tearing the head off or so i thought unhooked battery terminal air intake and noticed bees buzzing around but not just bees but a lot of fucking bees. Guess the jeep sat long enough that some critters made a home not real good for the mechanic namely me.So  after some bug spray and a stick problem removed but my little Friends werent to happy so i move on to my next project.
My little friends

The "honda work truck"

yakin dreams

Getting impatient put down money on a new kayak 3 weeks ago and I'm itching to get it here already. been reading fishing reports and kayak blogs and forums and i really need to get my self on the water. I have been trying to do this kayak thing for 2 years now and every time I would get close to getting one of my own something would happen and no yak. first it was work related and then house got robbed (kayak money stolen). but finally I'm close should take shipment in early July and i got a smile just thinking about it so wish me luck and get my dam shipment here i got me some fishy,s to go and catch!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The old jeep need some serious work the best i can tell is that the head is cracked. This head on a 2000 wrangler casting 0331 has a tendency to crack between the 3 and 4 cylinders or so I've read. The decision  is whether or not to replace the old 175000 mile motor or just put a new head on but i think cash flow has already decided this one for me. Now all i have to do is stop procrastinating and get to it already shouldn't be that bad as motors go  there room to spare under the hood so i should be able to get to everything. only down fall would be that i live in and apartment complex and there not real keen on ya working on cars but I broke don't have a garage so they can go f %*k themselves on this one. up side is back in November i bought a 92 Honda accord for 700 bucks so Ive had a ride kinda love the ole Honda redneck it up with a roof rack and carry everything from plywood and drywall to copper pipes up there call it my Honda truck beats the gas mileage of even a small pickup so its good to go. So back on topic for today get tools get off ass and git r done. More to come on the progress

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thinking about pops

Driving in to work today passed by the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and was looking at the tall ships docked there for the war of 1812 200 anniversary and i got to thinking about my father he a shipwright by trade and had work on the Constellation and the Pride of Baltimore. I was thinking how lucky it was to have had a father that though not book learned was so very smart. It will be 9 years this august since he passed and I miss him dearly and can still see him in his overalls up under a ship on dry dock doing what he did. My father taught me how to work on cars, fix lawn mowers and basically make something out of nothing. He never complained about not having the right parts or the money he made what he had work. He  showed me that if a man built it you can fix it and how to do thinks for yourself he taught me how to fish and hunt drive a boat and a car shoot a gun plant a garden and build a fire and treat a woman . I could go on and on its amazing how much that man new but I guess the best thing I took from him is how to learn that it doesn't all come from school that no matter how much you think you know there is always more to learn and to learn as much as you can about everything. I will try to pass this all on to the next generation it has served me well in my 3+ decades and i am a better man for having him as my father. Pops I miss ya. I always said a man that smoke lucky strikes and  drinks Pabst blue ribbon cant be all that bad.

On a side note he also showed me how to play golf and I'm not quite sure I glad about that or not I feel like I can hear him laughing every time i shank one into the trees.

Happy Fathers Day      R.I.P. Don Hawk Sr

Saturday, June 16, 2012

a day off

a day off finally been to busy to pay attention to the world. sometimes its nice to be so busy you forget about the stupid shit in the world then you get a day off to relax start to read your blogs catch up on current events and awl fuck I'm pissed at the world again I should just leave this shit alone but eventually it finds me. Ahh But today fuck the petty tyrants I'm gonna drink a beer and forget they exist today maybe ill catch up tomorrow.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sick last week sick of people

whew had a doosy last week really sick fever chill coming out both ends save the details felt like hell for 3 days made it trough the week end and this morning just sick of people. people that think someone owes em something sick of people that when they do work they half ass it just do it right or at least show some effort hell I'm having a bad day but what I did accomplish is done right but enough bitch'n when you live near people its hard not to let them get to ya I'm beginning to think i should of  been a hermit way up on a mountain some where but hell on a day like this the birds could probably piss me off 

Monday, June 4, 2012

New holster

Xmas in June got my Dragon Leatherworks holster in the mail to day so happy. Immediately had to put it on cant wait to get to the range and test it out. I really like the way it fit and feels and it holds my S&W M&P 45 perfectly. Though Iam far from a gun expert to be honest its my only handgun the way the holster cants forward make drawing the gun very easy and smooth. I have only had the gun for 3 months for years I owned a old smith and wesson semi that was a hand me down and until my house was broken into and my gun was stolen I never gave buying a new gun more than a passing interest but after shopping for 3 months i settled on the M&P it fit my hand well with the larger grip and I really liked the way it felt. Since like I said I'm far from an expert in hand guns I went with feel after reading just about every review I could find on handguns. after putting about a thousand rounds trough it I believe I made the right choice I shot well with it right out the box and have only improved since though some classes are probably in order. The other thing that happened was the reawakening of my interest in shooting just what I need another hobby . The only good part about having one gun is that you usually get good with it so well see what happens.Alright enough rambling in conclusion you wont go wrong with a M&P or Dragon Leatherworks both are far better than I ever will be

Friday, June 1, 2012


Tornadoes pounding rain and wind hope my tomato and pepper plants make it a hell of away to start june in md

Enter at your own risk

The title say it all this blog will be a trip inside my mind, things I am thinking, MY OPINIONS and the way I see the world. Whats right and wrong with it. Here is  a little background about myself I am a long time blog lurker reading hours a day and always telling myself that one day I'm gonna write my own thoughts down well I have finally taken that step caution to the grammar police I am not a writer I didn't pay attention in school and could care less if I spell correctly. I am a handy man I work in maintenance and have many years in construction basically if a man built it I can probably fix it or at least rig it up. So here we go your learn more along the way.