Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thinking about pops

Driving in to work today passed by the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and was looking at the tall ships docked there for the war of 1812 200 anniversary and i got to thinking about my father he a shipwright by trade and had work on the Constellation and the Pride of Baltimore. I was thinking how lucky it was to have had a father that though not book learned was so very smart. It will be 9 years this august since he passed and I miss him dearly and can still see him in his overalls up under a ship on dry dock doing what he did. My father taught me how to work on cars, fix lawn mowers and basically make something out of nothing. He never complained about not having the right parts or the money he made what he had work. He  showed me that if a man built it you can fix it and how to do thinks for yourself he taught me how to fish and hunt drive a boat and a car shoot a gun plant a garden and build a fire and treat a woman . I could go on and on its amazing how much that man new but I guess the best thing I took from him is how to learn that it doesn't all come from school that no matter how much you think you know there is always more to learn and to learn as much as you can about everything. I will try to pass this all on to the next generation it has served me well in my 3+ decades and i am a better man for having him as my father. Pops I miss ya. I always said a man that smoke lucky strikes and  drinks Pabst blue ribbon cant be all that bad.

On a side note he also showed me how to play golf and I'm not quite sure I glad about that or not I feel like I can hear him laughing every time i shank one into the trees.

Happy Fathers Day      R.I.P. Don Hawk Sr

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