Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gun Therapy

Hit the indoor gun range this morning shot white target pretended it was winter feel much better about winter now. Ahh gun therapy.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Go away winter

It's official I'm done with winter done with snow and completely done with being sick. I been working on some lifestyle changes the last year to try to lose some weight and they been working I have lost 50lbs since January 2014. The last 10 I would have done differently, stomach viruses can kiss my ass. I started Wednesday night spewing out in the snow in my shorts then from both ends like something possessed and spent Thursday comatose and just this evening was able to choke down some chicken noodle.I cant remember ever being so sick. When I was at 356 I never got sick, sure I couldn't walk up the stairs without gasping but nothing got to me now at 306 I have had 2 colds possible flu and a stomach virus this is BS. I am so ready for spring some kayak fishing a little turkey hunting and some warmer weather. I usually don,t mind the cold but then its usually not single digits in Maryland. Come on y'all think spring and all my people from Florida, South Texas and Cali Fuck You!
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less of this

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beer Season

     Well hunting season over as far as deer and birds go and it was another fun year hunting with friends and family. Goose season ended as it started for me if I was in the blind they didn't fly and if I couldn't make it they tore em' up. My hunting partners were at least nice enough to share their bounty so I won't go without. Out with deer season and in with beer season. It has been about 15 years since I made a home brew of my own so after drinking a few of a friends we decided to get together and make a couple of batches. We hit Annapolis home brew for some supplies and the liquor store for beverages and spent a weekend making my house smell like a brewery to the dismay of the misses. We brewed the first weekend in February and just bottled it up this weekend. I forgot that brewing is just glorified dish washing but after washing brew pots, spoons, thermometers, buckets and 4 cases of bottles it all came back to me. We did manage to add to our bottle collection in the process and only let one batch over boil the pot so I got to add a complete wash down of the stove to the dishes. In the end we bottled 46 Irish red ales and 46 scotch ales. The reds should be ready in a week or to but the stronger scotch ale are going to have to mellow a bit. And now I got the bug again so I'm already planing a marzen and a batch of my cheap table wine for deer camp next fall. In the mean time I have been planning gardens and building a few more raised beds, hmm might have to plant some hops and see what happens.

Go do stuff!