Monday, December 22, 2014

got a post in

    Hey y'all, its been a solid month and a half since I posted anything however I solidly lurk upon these nets from my phone. The computer is still on life support and if you are reading this I managed to make it work long enough to post something. November was a busy month I started it in the yak chasing stripers. I did quite well though I have no pictures turns out I can be more productive with a rod than technology. I downloaded the pictures from my camera to the computer and lost them on both. I know, no pictures it didn't happen O well. I also managed the VIP treatment from a vendor at work for a MMA match at the Baltimore arena nice spread for a cable company and  now I know why my bill is so high.
     Got pictures of the fight sights but had to trow my catch back my beautiful wife was taking the pictures. Been in the woods a few more times with no luck getting on anymore deer and have had about the same luck with water fowl.
     Update !!!!! started writing this over a week ago and lost internet connection, Comcast just lost their cool points. So I lost where I was headed with this post except that I been on the move. Managed more free stuff from work this time tickets to the Ravens Jacksonville game. It was the first regular season game the wife got to go to, we met up with friends to tailgate and had a great time getting our drink and eat on, The day before the game I took my nephew and friend Pete to On Target to put some rounds through the M&P's Neither had shot many handguns so after teaching them some basics we burned a couple hundred rounds my shooting sucked but its hard to get much quality out of my shooting when teaching others, at least for me your mileage may very.
     Hope to get out into the woods around the holidays and maybe get one more deer for the freezer or at least get the young bucks out for a squirrel hunt or two. Dont want to jinx it but the computer doesn't seem possessed anymore so maybe ill get a christmas post in a couple days but if not Y'all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS

Thursday, November 6, 2014

experiencing technical difficulties

My already light blogging may get even lighter due to ongoing home computer issues, lack of repair/replace funds and construction at work with premature internet failure due to demolition lines being ripped from the wall. So go do something constructive, read a book, cut wood or what ever else it is that you do. I will still read my daily blogs from my phone but posting on it is too much of a pain in the ass. Still Livin The Dream!

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Patapsco Bow Hunt

After working 10 hour days for 2 weeks straight I was happy to finally get the hotel shut down, packed up and ready for construction. Also I finally managed a whole weekend off for the first time in a couple months. My nephew joined me for an Saturday hunt on Patapsco Valley State Park land. We arrive early for our long walks to our respective spots. I finally got my out of shape ass to my spot about the time light was first filling the woods. I figured it would take me awhile to get there but I did not allow near enough time to get there and get set up before first light. I was going to be hunting out of my new pop up blind for the first time and I new it would take awhile to get set up.When I arrive I could already here deer moving through the hollow so I ditch the blind and  moved to the edge of the hill and set my blind chair up between to trees for cover. I knocked an arrow just as four does came into view they were all at 60 yards and moving on the opposite side of the cut and out of range. Then I caught a glance of  brown on my side of the hill, I could only see the body through the brush but I knew it was a shooter with a nice body size. I drew and waited for the deer to clear the brush. When it finally did I thought it was another big doe I released my arrow and Twack! I new from the sound I made a solid hit but as the deer bolted up hill I caught a flash of antler. My doe ended up being a scrub rack 3 pointer maybe 2 or 3 years old and dressed a nice 110 pounds.  My nephew sent me a text just after I shot saying he had one down. He hadn't made the best shot so he found me and helped me drag my deer the 100 yards to the field where we could put him on a cart. The drag about killed me. I am really out of shape. We still had to track his deer and get them both the half mile or more to the car through an uncut field. Thankfully his deer was significantly smaller than mine and with the help of the youngster I managed to get back to the Truck. I need to start doing some cardio. It was great not only getting out with family to do something we love but to both get deer about the same time of the morning I couldn't have asked for a better out come and yes I am still getting ribbed about being out of shape and an old man which I told him I'm not old  yet I'm still in my 30s at least for another year. I would have figured between all the paddling I do and walking in the city I might have had an easier time but I guess walking on flat concrete and uneven dirt are two different things. I gonna make it a priority to go on more hikes this winter.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September on the water

             My only day off this week was Saturday so I made plans to get my running done early in the week and depending on the weather either get to the woods or the water. Water weather prevailed with highs in the 80s and very little wind. Fishing reports were telling what I already new striper's were in my neighbor hood. Friday night I had kayak rigged for a early launch and with spirits high I went to bed. Up before sunrise had my ritual sweet tea and took the doggy for a walk then slid the kayak down the hill and gathered my rods.
Had to head back to the house for a bit but launch by 7 am. I pushed out past the piers, cast my lure to each set and began to paddle on a slow troll. About ten strokes in the morning peace was broken as my rod was slammed knocking my ram tube completely back as line poured off the reel. I grabbed the rod and new that I had a nice one. I don't know if it was because it was early or because I haven't hook a good fish in awhile but I proceeded to do everything wrong from this point. The fish managed to get my other line wrapped up first then my third rod that wasn't  even in the water. I flipped the fish in the boat where it promptly tangled my pliers. I started literally laughing out loud at my predicament. However I did manage a quick picture and good release then I paddled back to shore to get my shit together. I looked like I had never caught a fish before  but at least It was a nice 27 inch striper.
             After cutting tangled lines and re rigging I trolled my shore line for quite a few passes before heading out to the Patapsaco. Reports were of fish towards the north but I have some honey holes to the south to check first. I arrived near the first one and noticed bait busting every where I trolled around the edge and got a knock down and a 12 inch blue. I decided to cast a spoon and hit several more before heading to my next spot. I probably should not have left fish because I did not catch any more. I headed home around 10:30 and made my wife a big breakfast and made plans for my evening run.
After shrimp kabobs on the grill for dinner I headed back out and trolled inside of stoney creek with no luck. Took some sunset pictures and headed home hopefully I can get on them more this week.

sunset at stoney creek draw bridge

photo copped from Pasadena Seafood FB I just liked it I believe its their boat at  Baltimore light

fishing buddy"s  fisherman and blue heron he said the birds name is Frank

my catch

Stoney Creek morning

A big dope in a plastic boat
 Fall Is always my favorite time on the Chesapeake Bay the temps are cooler the big fish come back in and fishing gets good in my area. The only hard part is deciding to go bow hunt or fish so I let the weather decide. No matter what Ill keep livin the dream....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Poly 80 project update

The project is coming along nicely was gonna build it over winter but couldn't help myself once I got some parts.

My 2014 CBKA tournament rehash

          Spent the last weekend camped out at Camp Wright on Kent Island Md for the CBKA charity tournament benefiting Make a Wish Foundation and the Mid Atlantic Chapter of the CCA. woke up friday and knock out my honey do list, weed eating and such then got my gear together and my fishing partner picked me up around 12. We made a grocery store stop for some ingredients for my contribution to the evenings potluck and some drinks then hit anglers on 50 for some bait in case our plan to troll and jig didn't work out. We made it to camp around 2pm sent up our tent then headed back to town for lunch. We stumbled into Lukes grill the first place we found and were rewarded with excellent buffalo shrimp and a slamming ahi tuna steak sub with wasabi sauce. After lunch we poppoed back over to camp signed in finished setting up our bunks and rigging our rods before the 6 pm captains meeting. At the captains meeting we got our rules briefing and a few words from Chesapeake Bay Light Tackle   author Shawn Kimbro and Tony Friedrich from the CCA. Then a quick glance on fellow kayaker Mustfa preparing masgouf bluefish and back to the tent for my own venison cheese dip. Finished the dip and went to the pot luck dinner feast. There were steamed craps smoked wings and bacon wrapped stuffed jalepenos just to name a few. Enjoyed meeting new people and catching up with others I have met hell I was almost social for a change.
           I stayed up a little late and partook in too many  waters ( no alcohol allowed ) and when morning came it was a little foggy start. We managed to get to the water after sunup and after launching my buddy notices bait fish breaking everywhere just off the launch. All anglers launching after us high tailed it to the bridge passing by but we decided to troll around the launch and my partner was immediatley rewarded with a 14 inch striper. We each had 2 more knock downs with no hook ups then decided to troll the contour to the bridge. This was a futile adventure we jigged the bridge the sewer pipe trolled and bottom fished for the next 3 hour with not a bite. After a lunch on the beach the tide began to move out and we decided to ride it back toward camp and troll on our way. About halfway back I get my first fish a 14 inch fiesty bluefish who inhaled my 4 inch Bust Em Baits white paddle tail. Once passed camp and pass the Matapeake pier we found abundant bait fish breaking on top, we trolled through I hooked up a small 12 inch striper and partner got his first blue we began to cast to the pods and spent a good hour hooking small blues at will. It was time for check in and the rain began to fall so we packed it in. The drag up the hill at camp was a killer it had been 5 weeks since I paddled and my pack wasn't quite ready for the excursion.
           We packed up camp in the rain and headed for a well deserved shower Knowing that our fish would not win the day we settled on showers and dry clothes. I don't remember all the winning fish but if you interested you can find them at the Chesapeake Bay Kayak Anglers website. I do know a 14 year old angler caught 2 md citation white perch something I have been chasing all year and its nice to see youngens getting out and fish. A great tournament for a great cause and a hell of a lot of fun.
trolled up this blue

my only striper

snagged this little fellow
measuring them up

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BIG THINGS-small spaces

Alright get your mind out the gutter I spent the morning putting a clutch slave cylinder on my 92 Honda Accord. I figured I could get up at 6 put it on and be to work by 9. Just 3 bolts right what could go wrong. Well lets see 21 years of corrosion and big hands, I had to pull the radiator and various hoses off just to get to the bolts so by the time I get it back together and get to work its 2pm. Gonna be a long night but shes shifting pretty again yeah me!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

BACK!!! on track

       Getting back on track. Back is finally starting to come around, life finally gave me a break and things are falling back into place. As long as I don't push it I should be fine. The older I get the longer it takes to heal up.Having trouble keeping still because its beautiful out the fish are biting, bow seasons a week away and the garden looks like hell. If I wasn't blessed with great neighbors my grass would be 2 feet high. However I gonna stay on the porch drink a beer and take in the scenery. Y'all keep Living The Dream...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Im running low on beer money (vulgar rant)

This has been a week worth forgetting back went out last Sunday no big deal 3 to 4 days and ill be back in action so I skip work Monday get my man Benny to cover for me. I'm feeling better so I go in Tuesday to get paperwork done then leave a little early. Tuesday night I get a call from work water pipe is busted. I drag my ass in there shut it down, fine the leak and leave it for the next day since my is back starting to come around. Wake up Wednesday morning and can't move fuck!!!! now what. I leave it to Benny and stay home. I get up Thursday still feeling like shit and head to work got a couple of meetings and have to sign up for health benefits, then head for home. On my way home front tire goes flat, I pull in gas station use my last 4 quarters to get air and realize I'm almost on E, yeah! me.So put gas in and have to hit the atm machine to get cash to get change for air. Then the asshat behind the counter wants to give me shit for changing a fucking twenty. So I get air and get the fuck home before I beat someone. Friday I wake up feeling somewhat better and take the ole wife to Mr Tire to put some new tread on her suv since we blew one out on 95 coming back from down south. I had a appointment for 2pm and these fuckers take 3 hours to put on four tires then chip the wife's  rims all to hell. I let her talk to them so I don't blow a gasket and beat someone with my cane. She argues with the manager and get corporate involved, now they are saying we have no proof and it was old damage but because of our blow out I got pictures we will see how this ends. Friday night I call some friends over we take my tire off and then get drunk because beer. I get online that night and reserve a 24' truck from budget with a lift gate for a job Saturday, it was scheduled for pick up in Glen Burnie. That morning I get a call saying they don't have the truck in GB I need to go to the 25th street in Baltimore to pick one up. So I get the wife to run me up to the hood to get a truck and when I go in Guy  tells me he doesn't have one there that its in GB. Now back to GB I finally get the truck 2 hours later while I have 3 guys on the clock just waiting for a truck. I will commend myself at this point I am just laughing cause there is shit a lot more important in this world, but really. The job goes well, if late and I drag my hurting ass back home to some pain killers and ibuprofin. This morning I grab the bad tire and get the wife to take me to work figuring I would fix my tire here. I start up the compressor and it locks up tight no air, no fixed tire and my back is still fucked up. Can a mother fucker catch a break or what. This week has got to get better I'm running low on beer money.

Monday, August 18, 2014

If your gonna be dumb....

Had a great weekend despite my back going out on Thursday.  I have been pushing hard at work and side work trying to get projects done so I can spend more time chasing fish and whitetails, and I ignored the signals my bad back was sending. So finally 2 days off in a row and I spend one of them being still in my chair watching boats go by because I pushed to hard. On the bright side I was near the beer fridge and some rest never hurts even if my back did. On Saturday I crawled out of bed stiff but not in pain and having planned our trip wading the upper Potomac I figured as long as I moved slow I would be fine. The fishing was excellent even in my condition I managed to catch 6 smallmouth bass including the biggest of the day a 16" beauty. As always an excellent time with good friends and family. My nephew and great nephew showing up the older guys with the most fish caught. I was up early Sunday and headed back to work feeling pretty good. It was not a very busy day and I was looking forward to getting off early and putting the kayak in for some evening fishing. At 2pm I took the top off a toilet to fix a flapper and about fell to the ground, felt like someone stabbed me in my spine. I had slide down the walls to get back to my shop. So I have spent most of Monday in and out of sleep because muscle relaxers and pain meds make me loopy. I'm old hat at this having hurt my back at 19 and surgery at 27 used to live by don't be skeerd not very smart, you would think I would listen to what my body tells me by now. But like my pops used to tell me if your gonna be dumb you better be tough. Hopefully I will be able to make work tomorrow with help of a cane since I don't have sick days with new company and can't afford to miss pay. Probably should have rested Saturday but what fun would that be.
695 flooded from 10" of rain earlier in the week

Passed here on way home need to get back up been along time since I toured around here

potomac down river of shepards town wv

super moon from early august

Monday, August 11, 2014

my new polymer 80 project

I just picked up a new project, not that I don't have enough to do in this world. I guess I have gotten envious of everyone's pretty black guns and wanted one for my own and since my budget is small and my gun cabinet is pretty full the only way to justify it in my mind was to build part of one so I went and got a polymer80 80% lower to see what kind of damage I can do. My goal is to take a total novice (ME!) and see what I can scrap together cheap. Then see if it works. Now all you tactical guys don,t get your panties in a bunch I'm just having fun not trying to quell an uprising or shoot zombies. Sometimes I just like to try new stuff and what better way to learn the AR platform than to put one together. Wish me luck.

 Bought the kit at Ares Armour it was delivered 3 days after I bought it wasn't expecting it so soon. It will probably take me the rest of the year to finish it the way I been going but I am not in a rush and maybe if this goes well I will hit it up with an aluminum lower next. Now time to dust off the drill press.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Light Tackle Kayak Trolling The Chesapeake (Reveiw)

In the midst of all my busyness this summer I still found time to get in some reading (mostly locked in the can the only place I get peace). I just finished reading Light Tackle Kayak Trolling The Chesapeake.  Its not often that a good fisherman gives up their secrets and rare they put it in print. This was a great short summer read about a topic I am very passionate about. It was nice to get another anglers view on something I do often and a chance to see his methods and madness .This book is a how to for the beginner and veteran alike I know it will help me tune up my presentation. So if you are interested in kayak trolling even if you chase fish other than Stripers I would highly recommend this book.
Pick it up on Amazon

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Work Monster Must Die

     It looks like the work monster is at it again, as soon as I think I will get a full weekend to get out and fish he chomps them away. Looks like work is going full tilt again for awhile. That is not all bad because it will put me closer to my financial goals but sucks some fun out of life in the short term. I can look forward to the 16th in which nothing but an act of god will keep me from. It is the annual trip a group of friends and I take to the Potomac to fish, cookout and drink some chillies on a small island near Shepardstown West Virginia. We have been going for more than 15 years and its a nice relaxing day catching up with old friends that I simply wont miss. Guess I will get some rest so I can get a good start killing this beast. If your out and about that way stop on buy and grab a cold one.

Fort McHenry

Was checking through my usual blogs today when I came across some curious history that the author had missed. It comes from the historic site I have probably visited more than any other and it was also a first for me here is the link there are also some nice pictures on Exploratorious. The more I learn of Lincoln, the more I loathe him, funny never learned things like this in history class.

Monday, July 28, 2014

well then

daddy take me

sunrise at the Bay Bridge

cruise ship ducking under

northern water snake the wife found in the yard while I was gone

Ryan catching some bait

He didn't take me
Hmm just noticed that my early July post never made it to post and half of it gone. This pretty much sums up my July. So here are the pictures but the story is gone make of it what you will. Now back to work with you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June has been an interesting month so far the hotel where I am employed was sold and I was hired on with new managing company and I already had a few side projects in the works. So lets just say busy has been a understatement however I'm not complaining considering the alternative. In the mean time I managed some fishing and tried not to neglect the family too much, plus my debt is taking some serious hits. On the fishing front its been hit or miss, last year I fished the entire year without being skunked for the fish I was targeting. Ole but this year I have skunked it up more than once. Fished the meet and greet in Rumbly Md last weekend with the snaggedline guys and lets just say the fish were uncooperative. The wind forecast at 14mph blew more like 20 and created a nice chop dirty water and hard fishing. We were targeting sea trout, striper and redfish a few hooked up but I just got a tan and a workout. The lower eastern shore has some nice shallow water fishing and it was my first time there in my kayak but certainly not my last. My nephew and I left Friday evening after work and drove 3 hours down to Janes Island state park set up our tent to try and get some shut eye. Earlier in the week I had arranged to share a site with a fellow snaggedliner he had arrive earlier that morning to fish with no results. We made it to camp in a rainstorm at 10 set up our tent traded some fishing stories and hi the sack.  The next morning we launch at 0700 and paddled west around the first point to fish the coves on the back side there are some nice flats and real fishy looking spots there. I'm a novice when it comes to sea trout fishing and I guess that didn't help the out come much. As all fisherman say when the get skunked it was a beautiful day to be on the water. Here are the pics.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

livin the .......

Computer still isn't working right and I don't like to post off my work issue iphone  so its been light. Not much going on but same ole work, work at house and  fish as much as I can. Managed to put up to cords of wood( split most with a maul who needs a gym membership ) donated money to 2 fishing tournaments. My bad luck in tourney's continues, think Im gonna stop fishing them  for awhile but enjoyed fishing both and managed to get someone new in a kayak. My gardens in  spread around my small yard can't wait for them fresh tomatoes and that's about it so heres a photo dump till next time.
Neighborhood traffic problems

beach flooded

raised bed tomatoes, peppers and beans


hooked another on plastic boats

redneck gym

free heat

Monday, March 24, 2014

yellow yellow little fellow

Managed to snag a day off on a warm day was going to get the kayak out but had some running to do and the wind was a little stiff. So hit my chores early and called up a fishing buddy to head to the Tuckahoe and try to catch the end of the yellow perch spawn and hopefully some keepers. We loaded up and pulled out around 1 and hit our first stop in Hillsboro by 2pm .  We through tandem stinger rigs from shore and shad darts then soaked some bloodworms but nothing was kicking. After a half hour or so we packed up and headed up river to Tuckahoe state park at Horseshoe road hiked back to the river and immediately started soaking blood worms. I hooked my first in about a minute and christened my new Bust Em Baits and performance fishing rods  built 6' ultra light rod, it wasn't very big but on a sensitive rod like this you feel every tap.

Little yella fella
I guy next to us pulled a keeper in right after so we thought we were on something but it wasn't meant to be we caught more fish but not much bigger than the 6 incher pictured. Looks like we missed the run but we weren't skunked and enjoyed a great afternoon busting on each others small fish. The white perch runs should be in a week or 2 and I hope to get the kayak in the water in one of my favorite spots.
fishing buddy Pete across the creek

reflection in the stream
Sitting by the fire writing this now its about 31 Degrees out and a noreaster blowing up the coast were supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow here hope this is the last go round for winter, did I mention I am ready for spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Missing has anyone seen spring

Alright winter was nice cold and snowy so can we get some spring ready for some warmer temps and biting fish. Managed to get out on a couple of nice days and try at some yellow perch with not much luck and it looks like some warmer weather this weekend at least for a day or two. Its been an interesting couple of days here in the Dena with hostage standoff in my neighbor hood and a six or seven car and concrete truck pile up with fatalities that shut down the main highway and put the peninsula in total gridlock. Luckily I found a watering hole to wait it out, maybe the guy who offed his girl friend then himself should have done the same. Its been awhile since I blogged been busy with the usual for the last month though I did manage a late season squirrel hunt with the nephews and I built myself a rod rapper so I can spend money on another hobby I don't have time for and build my own fishing pole. So lets hope spring is around the corner and the fish are biting. TIGHT LINES

ice on Stoney creek

squirrel slayers

less of this

and more of this the Tuckahoe River