Monday, August 11, 2014

my new polymer 80 project

I just picked up a new project, not that I don't have enough to do in this world. I guess I have gotten envious of everyone's pretty black guns and wanted one for my own and since my budget is small and my gun cabinet is pretty full the only way to justify it in my mind was to build part of one so I went and got a polymer80 80% lower to see what kind of damage I can do. My goal is to take a total novice (ME!) and see what I can scrap together cheap. Then see if it works. Now all you tactical guys don,t get your panties in a bunch I'm just having fun not trying to quell an uprising or shoot zombies. Sometimes I just like to try new stuff and what better way to learn the AR platform than to put one together. Wish me luck.

 Bought the kit at Ares Armour it was delivered 3 days after I bought it wasn't expecting it so soon. It will probably take me the rest of the year to finish it the way I been going but I am not in a rush and maybe if this goes well I will hit it up with an aluminum lower next. Now time to dust off the drill press.

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