Sunday, August 24, 2014

Im running low on beer money (vulgar rant)

This has been a week worth forgetting back went out last Sunday no big deal 3 to 4 days and ill be back in action so I skip work Monday get my man Benny to cover for me. I'm feeling better so I go in Tuesday to get paperwork done then leave a little early. Tuesday night I get a call from work water pipe is busted. I drag my ass in there shut it down, fine the leak and leave it for the next day since my is back starting to come around. Wake up Wednesday morning and can't move fuck!!!! now what. I leave it to Benny and stay home. I get up Thursday still feeling like shit and head to work got a couple of meetings and have to sign up for health benefits, then head for home. On my way home front tire goes flat, I pull in gas station use my last 4 quarters to get air and realize I'm almost on E, yeah! me.So put gas in and have to hit the atm machine to get cash to get change for air. Then the asshat behind the counter wants to give me shit for changing a fucking twenty. So I get air and get the fuck home before I beat someone. Friday I wake up feeling somewhat better and take the ole wife to Mr Tire to put some new tread on her suv since we blew one out on 95 coming back from down south. I had a appointment for 2pm and these fuckers take 3 hours to put on four tires then chip the wife's  rims all to hell. I let her talk to them so I don't blow a gasket and beat someone with my cane. She argues with the manager and get corporate involved, now they are saying we have no proof and it was old damage but because of our blow out I got pictures we will see how this ends. Friday night I call some friends over we take my tire off and then get drunk because beer. I get online that night and reserve a 24' truck from budget with a lift gate for a job Saturday, it was scheduled for pick up in Glen Burnie. That morning I get a call saying they don't have the truck in GB I need to go to the 25th street in Baltimore to pick one up. So I get the wife to run me up to the hood to get a truck and when I go in Guy  tells me he doesn't have one there that its in GB. Now back to GB I finally get the truck 2 hours later while I have 3 guys on the clock just waiting for a truck. I will commend myself at this point I am just laughing cause there is shit a lot more important in this world, but really. The job goes well, if late and I drag my hurting ass back home to some pain killers and ibuprofin. This morning I grab the bad tire and get the wife to take me to work figuring I would fix my tire here. I start up the compressor and it locks up tight no air, no fixed tire and my back is still fucked up. Can a mother fucker catch a break or what. This week has got to get better I'm running low on beer money.

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