Monday, February 18, 2013

All smiles

Much better today the back popped back in and the swellings gone down a bit did my stretches and can almost walk like a normal person woo hoo. One more tough week at work and I can almost see the light. Hopefully soon I can dust the kayak off put on some warm clothes and see whats biting. Wish me luck.
all smiles today

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pain in the.....

I'm in a miserable mood today for no good dam reason except pain. It all started on Friday when I hobbled my ass to work on a already swollen right ankle that's been killing me for a year with chronic tendinitis and then proceed to climb up and down a 6 foot ladder for 8 hours I know wa wah wah suck it up butter cup. However I'm used to that the real pain came when I switch to an 8 foot ladder to change a ballast on an old light and climbed down said ladder and step off as if I was on the six footer. For those that don't follow that makes me roughly two feet from the concrete floor which for some might be fine but for my hobbled ass was lets say ouch! I know laugh away but I'm sure if you have worked around ladders at all at the end of a day in a rush you have done this before. Of course first reaction is to look around and see if anyone noticed  my stupidity which no one did, then was to try and walk it off, knee twisted, ankle throbbing and back starting to immediately assume the s curve. Yeah FML. Thankfully it was time to go home and lick my wounds which I did with a Epsom salt bath and some Advil. Saturday started with cleaning out the rest of the junk from my mothers old house its amazing how much shit builds up in a little amount of time so it was more heavy lifting and limping around. By the time all was finish I rushed home showered and headed off to see Larry the Cable Guy in concert at the Myerhoff . We parked at my work and walked the half mile to a restaurant across the street ate over priced Mexican food and drank expensive beers laughed our asses off and then walked back which in a long winded version to this morning when I woke up and tried to get to the bath room. I don't know if it was the numbness or the pain that made it harder to move I feel like I been hit by a truck. Fuck this getting older shit I ain't even forty yet . I am starting to regret all the I ain't skeered moments in my life you know the one that end up with stitches or a cast or just sucking it up because going to the hospital might tip off the cops that it was you driving that car  motorcycle golf cart. The beer doesn't even knock the edge off anymore and I hate pain killer so I guess I better just get used to it. I am assuming that's why they say growing old ain't for sissies. See there I feel a little better already but lunch is over and I wont be getting off until 11 so I'm sure it wont last.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not listening

As I said in an earlier post about legislators not listening apparently one of ours was playing chess instead. Senator Jamie Raskin Montgomery county way to go scumbag.

Football and Firearms

Skipped out of work for a bit and joined the party in Baltimore on Tuesday. Don't think I have ever seen that many people in 1 place in my life. Don't think I would have come if I wasn't already 5 blocks away, being I'm not much for crowds but it was most festive.

Unfortunately I had to miss a much more important rally in Annapolis for gun rights from what I heard about 3000 pro gun people showed up to testify and they ended up closing down the building for the first time in 11 years.
Wish I could have been there but I don't work 5 blocks from there.
I don't think it will do anygood though our liberal legislature don't listen to the people they just do what they want as our wonderful Governor jockeys himself for a presidential run in 2016 if you think Obama's bad let this squinty eyed bastard O'Malley get in the door .

Sunday, February 3, 2013

alll yeahhhh!

Say what ya want but nfl football is one of my hang ups and the ravens won doing it the hard way . GO RAVENS  super bowl champs