Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of my favorite blog reads

From the man who gave us chipmunk wars and a book club for men now chicken nipples never thought I would ever use that phrase on my blog check out the adaptive curmudgeon and laugh along.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Its been awhile, can I still play with guns

Its been awhile since I posted anything. I haven't been away just lurking around everyone blogs working and watching my favorite football team make it to the Superbowl. I know alot has been going on in the gun world and even if I had been hiding my trip to Bass Pro to pick up some 30-06 ammo would have tip me off something was up. Luckily they had two boxes of Remington 180 grains bullets left but I would have been out of luck if I needed 45 or 40 cal. or any other handgun load and you can forget about 5.56/223. Haven't felt like writing lately I have a lot on my mind just cant seem to put it into words and it seems every gun blogger and there mother has pretty much written whats been on my minds so my 2cents surely haven't been missed. But what I will write a little about is my favorite outdoor show being canceled it seems some bloody Brit company that runs the show thought they would keep it all family like and ban those evil black guns (story here) and  we would all show up and be happy for it. Like the story says I think there out of touch with American outdoors man a bit. So now the show is canceled and I will have to plan something else for Saturday maybe Ill go shooting or shop at Cabelas or something like that. Now don't get me wrong I have had lets say conversation with some uneducated outdoors man who swear I'm crazy cause you don't need no assault rifle to hunt wit. And when I try to explain that the second amendment isn't about hunting ( blank stares) there wasn't much more I could say. As far as people being out of touch with America I don't blame the Brits because an ocean lies between them and us yet they still want us unarmed kind of like married people want everyone else to marry ( cause if I miserable you should be to). However it amazes me how out of touch the people who live in the bubbles of the big city's I live around and all the knuckle heads in DC (dysfunctional city) are disconnected with what IMHO the rest of America is like. There are some who have actually listened to me rant and learned something my accountant at work now knows an AR15 is not an high power assault rifle but just a rifle and when I showed her pictures of a mini 14 ranch rifle and tactical one she was amazed how a law could possibly ban one of the exact same rifle because of the stock. Her words were "that doesn't make any sense". Yup that's what I been trying to tell ya. I offered for my wife and I to take them shooting she said if she can sway the hubby it would be on. I love it when I win one over and here I was all about ready to quit trying. I still don't understand how some gun owners I know are willing to give up  some of there rights and think they wont eventually come for there fudd gun they still drink the if it saves just one life kool aid or how can you possibly win against the gov even with an AR they got tanks.Well lets hope it never comes to that but why let someone take away your rights period if we stop them now will may never have to find out. Why why why do people actually think banning something makes it go away i.e. drugs, alcohol and prostitution we see how they all have been working out. Guns ain't going anywhere law or not period. Well thats my rant so until next time Go Ravens