Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baking bread and old houses

Went and enjoyed  a walk at the park today with the dog and the wife still looking for spring here, it was in the upper 30s while we were out,  a brisk beautiful morning. We hiked about 3 and a half miles at Downs park along the Chesapeake the bay looked nice and smooth even with an steady wind from the north, made me want to be out fishing. Left and stopped to get some burgers at Five Guys and noticed my tire was almost completely flat so hopped on over to the gas station and aired it up and hoped that would get me home which it did. Once home took some soap and a spray bottle and found a hole. Got the plug kit out and promptly broke the reamer. This was the second Harbor Freight tire plugger I have broke. I broke the one I put in the wife SUV back in January it doesn't pay to buy cheap tools I about nearly drove the reamer through my hand. Luckily when I broke the wife's I bought a good set for her car so I pulled that out and manage to plug the tire. Then came in and me and the dog took a nap for the rest of the afternoon and I needed that been fighting off a cold for about a week and a half now. When I woke up I got inspiration to do some baking and just happen to have some over ripe bananas so through together some banana bread and put dinner on. Venison goulash and corn bread YUM!
Yummy banana bread

While I was uploading my cooking pictures I came across pictures of my mothers last house that she owned before she past. I took pictures of the work that my brother in law and I did when my mother bought it so I figured I would post them here.

The house was built in 1910 and we remolded the entire first floor new hard wood, ceramic tile,  granite fire place surround and wainscoting I will miss that old house but not the amount of work that needed to be done to the rest of it somehow I lost the pictures of the bathroom that I built it was truly unique with a walk around shower wall so my 95 year old grand mother could just use her walker and walk in. If I find them I will post them later. Spent the rest of the night getting tax stuff together and lets just say I need to move to a new state and possibly a new country.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fresh Air

Took the whole weekend off for the first time since November turned off the TV and the computer and got outside. Mother nature cooperated with beautiful weather in the upper 50s and it was just what the doctor ordered. Spent Friday with the wife and dog caught up on errands in the am but by 10am headed to the park for some quiet time. Pick up the kayak Friday evening rigged up some rods and dusted off the fishing gear.After beers with friends Friday night it was early to bed for Saturday morning fishing. Saturday I met up with the Md kayak forum fishermen for the march meet and greet on the Severn river. There was predicted to be about 27 guys launching out of Jonas Green park so I decided to head to Spa creek at Truxton park so as not to crowd out the fish. Pickerel were on the list and i haven't  fished for them in Spa creek so it was going to be new territory. It was a brisk start with temps in the mid thirties and water temps in the upper thirty's. I arrived to one yakker unloading and two more fishing just right of the launch. As i turned out I needed to dust off my casting skill when I dusted off my gear I preceded to birdnest my baitcaster beyond repair on the second cast then managed to snag a tree on my first cast with my ultra light. I recovered and by the fifth cast I caught a baby to break the skunk he was all of 8 inches on my yellow 1/16 oz rooster tail but I was sure this was the start of some excellent catching to come. Ahh but it was not to be I managed to snag the rooster tail on the front hatch strap out of reach on the water then fished the next 4 hours threw every lure I brought and didn't get so much as a bite. I did enjoy the paddle though spa creek runs through downtown Annapolis Md and is about as pretty as urban watershed gets ( i much prefer tree lined shores). It was nice to be there without any boat traffic the only other time I have been here was in summer and the creek is about as busy as a small creek can get. After hitting every fishy looking spot on the creek I headed back to the launch and decided to give the first cove another shot that's where I finally hooked a decent pickerel right next to the boat ramp this one measured 16 inches and would be the only other fish I would catch. Finished the afternoon at lunch with my fellow anglers and a pulled pork samwich and sweet tea at red hot and blue, a day on the water is just what i needed. apparently the pickerel population isn't that big of four fishermen there we only caught 5 fish the anglers that stared at Jonas Green had a much more productive day. Hopefully I will be able to get fishing more this year the way things are I think it will be a priority its nice to forget your problems and focus on the fish even when the casting skills are dusty.