Saturday, December 26, 2015

Recharged Via 12 Gauge

        Its  amazing how a little time in nature can make you feel better about life. I recharged the batteries today, Its been a rough month and I haven't felt festive so I gave my guys Christmas off (they all have kids) and I worked both Christmas eve and a double Christmas for them. Today my wife gave me my gift. Instead of complaining about my absence she was happy to send my miserable ass hunting.
        I was invited earlier in the month by a friend to one of his blinds not far from home. He was supplying decoys the boat and all I needed were my waders gun and some shells. The plan was to meet at the ramp at 5:30 take a short boat trip to the blind, shoot our limit and be home by lunch. Seemed simple enough and for once it was dam near spot on. I arrived early we loaded up met the rest of the party of 4 got into position and waited for sunrise.
     The birds would soon cooperate, not in the droves I was promised but frequent enough to keep us occupied. It has been unusually warm here in the Mid Atlantic which usually screws up duck hunting, but we were hunting mostly resident ducks and had permission from a country club to thin the population from next to there golf course so ample targets were about.
Hard to believe were only about 5 miles from downtown Baltimore
         By 9 am I had 3 mallards in the bag with twice as many misses. Being kind of a newbie to duck hunting I felt pretty good about my shooting today it's was much improved over my last trip. My hunting partners with many more years experience weren't so happy with their performances though. We rapped up by 10 I was told they stopped flying by then and since we spent the last hour watching only hawks and a few blue herons fly by I will assume this to be true. I made it back home with lunch for the wife and 3 fat ducks for a dinner.
Some ducks were harmed in the writing of this blog others just scared.
       My pooch loves him some duck he just doesn't like water so this is about as close to retrieving as he gets. Wife thought it to be a great photo op. She acts like I never bring anything home from hunting but a smile.
Yum !

      I have some scrumptious duck breast and legs in a brine and there will be some awesome grilled viddles for dinner tomorrow.  I'm sure The pooch will get him some too. As for me a better mood cannot be had. Batteries recharged dam that was easy.

Monday, December 14, 2015

George Jones & Jamey Johnson with Blackberry Smoke - Yesterday's Wine

Blackberry Smoke - Ain't Much Left Of Me

Corey Smith Drinkin' Again Lyrics

Deliberations Begin

So I guess it will push another day I figured it the verdict would have come down already. I'm figuring on unrest no matter the verdict. I don't have much faith for  peace in Baltimore unless of course most of the rioters are already dead we are up to 328 as of this post.

The Charm City Show we know your watching

Could prove to be an interesting day in Charm City. I hear we may get a verdict today in the first officer of the Freddy Gray case. We live in interesting times don't we.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sigh....Long rant about nothing but I feel better

I have been busting my ass over the last 3 months trying to get shit fixed at work that wasn't done right the first time around because nobody seems to give a fuck about doing a good or even decent job anymore. I been getting the run around about said work and excuses galore. Its been non stop double shift days between 2 jobs trying to pay off debt and get my ass out of the hole I'm in. And all I can seem to do is stay afloat. My car died in October so I sold it for $300 which I then had to put into truck tires since it would now  be my daily driver which after two months scouring craigslist I finally found some for exactly 300. Then the truck broke down on me on my way to a much need hunting day and that was  another bill for an alterator and battery. I went to the DR because my hip was burning in front from a kayaking accident (don't ask) and she had me do a MRI which came out so bad she called me at work for me to go see a neurosurgeon asap. I had to laugh when she read it to me because most things on it were not new and since she is my new DR and hadn't seen an old MRI she didn't realize how fucked up my back is, in her words "how do you even walk". I had to be a smart ass and say one foot in front of the other. When I have managed to get in the woods to relax and hunt I mostly just sleep in my tree stand. I got out on December 5 for a morning hunt and promptly missed a doe at 15 yards with my bow then spooked a buck at 20 when I woke up and realized I was being watched. At least I had a good belly laugh on that one. So with temps still in the 60 in December in Md I had my hopes of getting the kayak wet and chase some pickeral around the creek. At 630 am Saturday my dog woke me up to let him out so I figured I would get my ass moving and see what was biting. I let the dog out and walked to the edge of my hill where friends and I keep our kayaks and Im missing one I count again and rub my eyes and realize that mine is missing, gone, not fucking there. WTF I run down to the beach and find the cable sawed in half and footprints down the beach across 2 piers and drag marks up a hill. As I follow I see fresh tracks in the dew across a lawn to the road and nothing. Some jack off stole my kayak. The fucking kayak that I saved for almost 2 years for then had my apartment broken into and had to save again. The kayak that I drove 2 hours to go pick up and have spent just about every weekend I can for the last 5 years and its fucking gone. Can ya tell i was pissed, let just say if I caught them in the act that I would have needed some fucking shovel to get rid of the bodies. So I called the police which is usually against my getty up but if I want even a chance that insurance will cover it I have to have a case #. The officer that showed up was excellent he actually did some police work contacted neighbors and put in an honest effort at finding information. Compared to the police that showed up for my apartment break in and was only worried about where and how my guns were locked up and said we would never see our shit again and they would probably not catch the intruder. And the cop that came when mine and neighbors care got burgerlerised that told me to get the fuck back in my house he would get me when he needed me. Officer Twigg was professional and concerned its nice to know they exist beyond the ones I know personally. Of course the chances of me seeing it again are slim but I have contacted everyone and place I know so who knows. Plus I have a few ideas of who might be involved and I will investigate those myself. So its been a long and exasperating few months and it's almost Christmas and hopefully I can get my head strait and enjoy what I do have going for me like a great wife and a crazy ass family. But right now I'm just pissed at the world I fucking hate people.I have been staying busy since Saturday just to keep from thinking about it. I hung and taped dry wall for a friend yesterday and tore down old planters here and built 3 new raised bed then made compost piles in them and cleaned up the yard. I also collected all my receipts so I can contact insurance tomorrow, hopefully that will go well and if not I will probably be with out a yak for awhile. Things could be worse  I know but I hate a fucking thief. End Rant:)

Have You Seen Me
If anyone happens to see a green Malibu X-factor let a brother know.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The ?

Was ask by a close friend what we can truly do to stop tragedies like Paris?Answer; get armed, get training, protect yourself and your family. That's about all a person can do in a "free country". Our would be rulers should take note here in "free state"and untie our hands.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hmm I dont feel old

There was a time in my life that I thought 40 was old and that I wouldn't live that long anyway. But I made it and I don't feel old. Given the ole body don't work like it once did but hey its got a lot of miles and there are reasons I didn't think I would live this long. But I have no regrets and it has been a fun ride so far. I'm still Livin The Dream...

Monday, October 26, 2015

Deer and Fish 1 me 0

 Its always hard this time of year deciding what to do with my days off .(I know problems right). Autumn is my favorite time of year to be in the woods with a bow in my hand. Deer in the area showing some pre rut signs making it all more enticing. It is also the time of the year that big striped bass migrate back up the bay and a great time to be on the water. The weather always being a factor to add into the decision I checked the latest reports and with Saturday being the only weekend day to hunt ( no Sunday hunting here at least on public land ) Sunday would be my fishing day. Hunt day would be perfect with a cool crisp morning and winds out of the north making my favorite stand viable and no rain. I loaded up at 430 am, picked my nephew up and we headed to Patapsco State Park land for a morning white tail hunt. In our stand s before sunup anticipating a lot of activity as the sun rose, the squirrels began to move, raccoons would make there way back home and birds began to dash about but the deer never showed. We stayed on stand until 11:30 and with no sign of deer decided to pack it in. My nephew had plans for the evening so I decided to call it a day and not hunt the evening figuring I could get my gardens cleaned up and have Sunday to fish.
view from above

Ryan heading out

looks alot easier to get across than it was
   Sundays forecast was for rain and wind in the morning with sun appearing by after noon so I decided to get some chores done inside and go out in the evening. Chores done and a small delay with someone coming to look at a car I have for sale I manged to launch around 2 pm. I would be fishing the incoming tide which is always my favorite for the area I was fishing. The winds were brutal out of the north west pushing 3 foot wave in unprotected area. It was hard to fish where I wanted and the areas that were protected were not producing I had a few knock downs but never hooked up. I didn't bring along any other gear except for trolling rigs so I would have to head in with a giant skunk. Not the productive outings I had hoped for but I cant think of better way to spend a weekend.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Summer 15 in pictures

Mr Ceasar

early firewood preps

the $60 craigslist smoker 

18 foot simmons sea skiff and my kayak gonna build one eventually

no room for shoes built some corn hole boards

loaded for Potomac trip

Potomac floating

nice smallie SS

Brisket for the 4th

Potomac lunch
1st crabbing trip

Loaded like the least deadliest catch

Big eye trip on the Edge Rider


dam blue fish

CBKA tourney

Summers ending but theres always Oktoberfest

Late season maonster

another newbie

free craiglist find

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Im Back!

Ok I never really left just took the summer of from blogging. Nothing new just some fishing and way to much work, but now that I have my hotel back open and am getting things back together I should get back in the swing of things. Maybe anyway, I am way behind on firewood the truck needs a tune up and I might have to put down the Honda. The good is its hunting season again and if a hurricane doesn't change my plans I may be able to get out for the first time Saturday. Its also getting that time of year for the big stripers to come home so those saved up days off can be used for days the wind lays down. Yup Im still well you know the title!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mayor Stephanie looked flawless

I try to keep this blog positive so the best I can do with the situation in my city is give the best thing I heard all day. "Mayor took 5 hours to address media. Her makeup and nails looked flawless. #baltimoreriots #fiercenails # purple-eyeshadow" @charmcitynews

Sunday, April 12, 2015

taxes FTW

Just finished my taxes must go drink beer and listen to a sad country song :(

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its not you winter it's me

     After relaxing on the porch this morning next to the fire watching a fox glide across the frozen creek in the shadows of the falling snow I came to a realization. Its not winter I despise I don't mind snow all that much and cold temperature don't tend to annoy me unless accompanied by high wind and long days of work out side. What I hate about winter is being cooped up with people, driving in Baltimore with idiots and snotting sick knuckle heads who don't wash their hands or stay the hell home. Winter I don't mind so much its peaceful in the woods when most are parked on the couch watching the tube. Its the weather I prefer in the blind searching out the last birds of the season and the best time for brewing beer. I enjoy a warm fire after a peaceful walk in the woods and that can only be had in winter. It only becomes irritating when the idiots and unprepared come about. Being sick and uninspired myself to venture out the last few weeks hasn't help but in the end it's not winter at all. Though when March arrives I bet that most like me that enjoy winter are also ready for spring. Warm sun on our faces thawed dirt on my had getting the gardens ready and fishing without gloves. And thankfully it will be here soon because my wood pile is low my car needs some work and my soul needs some warmth.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gun Therapy

Hit the indoor gun range this morning shot white target pretended it was winter feel much better about winter now. Ahh gun therapy.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Go away winter

It's official I'm done with winter done with snow and completely done with being sick. I been working on some lifestyle changes the last year to try to lose some weight and they been working I have lost 50lbs since January 2014. The last 10 I would have done differently, stomach viruses can kiss my ass. I started Wednesday night spewing out in the snow in my shorts then from both ends like something possessed and spent Thursday comatose and just this evening was able to choke down some chicken noodle.I cant remember ever being so sick. When I was at 356 I never got sick, sure I couldn't walk up the stairs without gasping but nothing got to me now at 306 I have had 2 colds possible flu and a stomach virus this is BS. I am so ready for spring some kayak fishing a little turkey hunting and some warmer weather. I usually don,t mind the cold but then its usually not single digits in Maryland. Come on y'all think spring and all my people from Florida, South Texas and Cali Fuck You!
more of this 

less of this

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beer Season

     Well hunting season over as far as deer and birds go and it was another fun year hunting with friends and family. Goose season ended as it started for me if I was in the blind they didn't fly and if I couldn't make it they tore em' up. My hunting partners were at least nice enough to share their bounty so I won't go without. Out with deer season and in with beer season. It has been about 15 years since I made a home brew of my own so after drinking a few of a friends we decided to get together and make a couple of batches. We hit Annapolis home brew for some supplies and the liquor store for beverages and spent a weekend making my house smell like a brewery to the dismay of the misses. We brewed the first weekend in February and just bottled it up this weekend. I forgot that brewing is just glorified dish washing but after washing brew pots, spoons, thermometers, buckets and 4 cases of bottles it all came back to me. We did manage to add to our bottle collection in the process and only let one batch over boil the pot so I got to add a complete wash down of the stove to the dishes. In the end we bottled 46 Irish red ales and 46 scotch ales. The reds should be ready in a week or to but the stronger scotch ale are going to have to mellow a bit. And now I got the bug again so I'm already planing a marzen and a batch of my cheap table wine for deer camp next fall. In the mean time I have been planning gardens and building a few more raised beds, hmm might have to plant some hops and see what happens.

Go do stuff!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Of old cars

      The first month of the new year is flying by and I been get n er done. Spent weekends and a few working days chasing honkers and ducks and lets just say I wont need to restock on shells anytime soon. I also had a few days in the deer woods again with not much to shoot at though I have been picky. My nephew's did manage to score on a day when I had to work. Figures.
Little man doing it right
       I also added a beater to the fleet we have been 3 years with out a truck since I made the wife sell her Dodge 2500 Money pit and I'm tired of hauling shit on a car, I didn't want a car payment so I was in search of a beater when my little cuz's let me know he was selling his Mazda B4000 Ford Ranger for a steal so I bought it. It has some character and most of it works but it will fit my needs. Buying the new ride got me thinking about all the cars I have owned and that most were junk somebody was done with. 
        I started my driving with a 1977 Buick Skylark. Bought it off a friends drunken neighbor for $250.00 in 1992. It had more dents in it than I care to remember but I did learn a lot about body work and exhaust and starters and alternator's, water pumps, fuel pumps....Let just say the Hooptie as my friends titled it taught me a lot about mechanics. The good was I installed a sound system that in theory cost more than the car,it had an 8 ball gear shift and thumb tacks held up the head liner that made it look custom. Bought some Craiger Superspokes off  my cousin with tires to complete the look it would do a burn out a city block but couldn't get out its own way. I would have to work on it all week so we could cruise on the weekend. man I loved that car.
The Hooptie
    I finally blew her up which at the time didn't hurt my feeling. My next car I couldn't even find a picture of but most people born before 1980 won't need one. The 1984 Dodge Aries k car if Detroit put out a bigger piece of shit  I haven't driven it. I got it free from my uncle with just under 250,000 miles on it and it didn't live much longer 1 year in fact. I was in college at the time and nothings cooler than rolling in a k car. It blew a head gasket and burned up the motor heading back from the beach I left the title in the glove compartment and walked away though I was worried someone might fine me for littering.
     My next ride cost me 100 bucks my best friend from high school was shipping out to boot camp and he had a car to get rid of. The week before he left he wrecked his moms 1984 Toyota Tercel and had to buy it off of her so since I was down to shoe leather he let me have it cheap. I had to duct tape the front bumper on and wire down the rear hatch but it was a step up from the k car got better mileage and probably would still be running if I didn't sell it's motor for my next ride. the interior was stained with deer blood, fish bait, mud and beer and smelled like hell so when my neighbor offered 100 for the motor I jumped at it.
     The next ride was supposed to be a pickup but while looking at a 2 wheel drive Chevy c10 I eyed this pretty little 4x4 1984 Chevy s10 blazer with low miles for it's year.I believe this was in 1997 and the blazer only had 35000 miles on it. Which I would find out later was probably because it was broke down most of its years. So after more wrenching some bigger tires I actually had my best car to that date it was even worth washing once in a while. The motor was lame but it was the little 4x4 that could. I'd follow the big boys everywhere and she was great in the snow. Her demise came after a good night of drinkin a little don't be skeered to be somebody a muddy frozen swamp and 4 foot of water not good for a motor but she didn't blow up until summer. Hooked the little boat up to go fishing made it to the gas station down the street and she started spilling her guts, push rod through the side of the motor.
    Right after the s10 gave up my sister lost the drive shaft on her 87 Blazer so I bought it off her for a grand. This is the truck I wish I had back. it was a great ride it had its issues like rust the tail gate fell off on the way to the mountains for a hunting trip. It was about 20 degrees out the forecast for our hunting spot in Garret County MD was for 2 feet of snow. We stopped for gas in Fredrick and when I open the back to fill a gas can the whole door came off. Luckily I always seem to have poly and duct tape so we threw the tailgate in the back and taped us a rear window. We ended up on staying for a week Snaggy Mt in 3 and a half feet of snow in a summer tent, we had to thaw our boots over a fire to get them on but one of the best trips I ever had and we even managed to shoot a few deer. Sadly the Blazer would meet a similar fate as the S10 beer, titties and mud sometimes will break the best of em' but remember as my late friend BG would say don't be skeered to be somebody! My mother sold it to the neighbor I had it parked at her house I stopped by with parts to work on it and it was gone I think it was the only time I was ever truly mad at her in my life I got over it though and she forgave me for hers later.
    After the blazer I spent a year driving an 84 Maxima I bought off a ex (something about 84 Huh). Technically I bought a 1998 Chevy Malibu next but it wasn't my car I wrapped momma's Intrepid around a pole so I owed her one. The Maxima again was  a piece of shit but wheels so no complaining. You couldn't fit a fishing pole in it and your kill would stink up the trunk but she was fast for a little jap car, at least when she ran ,light with a v6 she would move. Hit a deer doing 80 it wasn't pretty and yes I was drunk I learned my lesson eventually and yes it took awhile.
   In 2001 I bought my baby, the newest car I ever owned still no ac but hey it was a Jeep you don't need ac in a jeep. It was a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 5speed with an in line 6. I put that ride trough hell and she kept coming back for more. Hit 2 deer with it, no problem steel bumpers and nearly rolled her more than once. Luckily I gave up drinking and driving so no stupidity or at least not beer influenced stupidity. She lasted me over 12 years and even when I blew the piston clean up she still got me home on 5. I could tell stories about her but I got married halfway trough her years so we will keep it at that. Just remember when the tops down the tops are down, I blogged about fixing her but decided getting out of debt was more important plus I lived in an apartment at the time and had no place to store a motor and tranny, Sold her for parts bought my next car and paids some bills
Baby Blue
       My next car has been a work horse and for all its scars I love the little thing it just keeps going plus for 750 how could I go wrong. My 1992 Honda Accord. It figures its my first car with a working ac I'm getting spoiled in my old age. Shes old enough to drink but  in 1992 Honda made a dam fine automobile. I carry firewood in the trunk and plywood on the rack she carried kayaks, ladders and lumber and made me some money. But alas I need  a truck so that's what started this train of thought and got me reminiscing about past cars.

My new ride
       Already put her to work Nephew got stuck Saturday night at our hunting spot so had to go pull his dodge ram out she worked like a charm. I did lose the speedometer on the way there I will add it on the things I need to fix hope she a good one. Its funny how cars become like family hell I actually miss some of them more than some family.