Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its not you winter it's me

     After relaxing on the porch this morning next to the fire watching a fox glide across the frozen creek in the shadows of the falling snow I came to a realization. Its not winter I despise I don't mind snow all that much and cold temperature don't tend to annoy me unless accompanied by high wind and long days of work out side. What I hate about winter is being cooped up with people, driving in Baltimore with idiots and snotting sick knuckle heads who don't wash their hands or stay the hell home. Winter I don't mind so much its peaceful in the woods when most are parked on the couch watching the tube. Its the weather I prefer in the blind searching out the last birds of the season and the best time for brewing beer. I enjoy a warm fire after a peaceful walk in the woods and that can only be had in winter. It only becomes irritating when the idiots and unprepared come about. Being sick and uninspired myself to venture out the last few weeks hasn't help but in the end it's not winter at all. Though when March arrives I bet that most like me that enjoy winter are also ready for spring. Warm sun on our faces thawed dirt on my had getting the gardens ready and fishing without gloves. And thankfully it will be here soon because my wood pile is low my car needs some work and my soul needs some warmth.

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