Monday, August 26, 2013

7 years

Meant to post this yesterday but was busy spending the day hiking with my wife and dog.  It was a beautiful day to spend in the outdoors. 7 years ago on a sunny Friday august 25 2006 I was lucky enough to marry my best Friend and for some reason beyond me she has stuck with me all these years. I think maybe she deserves an award or something for putting up with my shit for that long but she still around and when she says she loves me its still believable. I made out like a bandit she likes to hunt and shoot loves big trucks and only complains a little when I rebuild a bow, fishing rod or car part on the dinning room table. She was super excited to get a 20 gauge for Christmas and shot her first deer the next year. I say if you gotta marry get you a southern girl from the Appalachia and you can't go wrong . Now if I could just get her on a kayak (she says its not enough boat). So in the off chance you happen to read this I LOVE YOU BABY thank for sticking with me.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump day on thePatapsco river and a mixed bag

Hit the water after work with some Friends today to squeeze in some mid week  fishing.  We decided to paddle back out to white rocks and see if the big perch were still biting so we dropped lines to troll and paddled out on the mile long haul. Trolling proved ineffective ,As we reached the rocks I started to pull in my lines and promptly hook a small blue fish. My friend Chris hooked up moments later with another and besides a couple of small perch that was pretty much it. The sun was setting so we paddled back to shore and ended up in the middle of a regatta about as close as I care to get to sail boats under sail we stopped and I snapped a few pictures we were to close to get them full frame. Lightning began to flash in the distance so we figured that we fish closer to the landing in case the storm decide to crash our party. Close to the landing ended up being the right spot I immediately hooked into a nice fat perch and Chris hooked the first croaker My nephew who had only caught one fish was still having problems hooking up so some good ribbing was in order. We switch between white perch and croaker for the rest of the night and I ended it with a 19" catfish. Not much could make a work week better than a hump day fishing trip.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Sunset

Spent the day with the wife and dog and ended it hiking at Terrapin Beach park on Kent Island. They thought it was a nice scenic walk at the park together which it was, however I was also scouting a kayak launching place. I could see birds working over bait on the western shore  and I would have loved to have paddled over there and cast a line. I did enjoy the family time and it was a beautiful evening for a hike which we topped off with some good dinner at Mission BBQ. As for  the fish I will be back soon and I will be armed lets hope my sunset pictures will be fishy..

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Land of Pleasant Living

Managed to get out fishing twice in one week amazing. And the weather here has been even more amazing it has really been the land of pleasant living in the usually sweltering mid Atlantic in august. Temperatures last night were a chilly 54. Unfortunately for me the fishing cooled off a bit too however it doesn't get any nicer to be out on the water and there were a few fish cooperating. I could have gone to where I know they were biting but decided to stay close to home wet a line drink a beer and enjoy the scenery.
Severn river

Little short of dinner

                                                            White rocks on the Patapsco