Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June has been an interesting month so far the hotel where I am employed was sold and I was hired on with new managing company and I already had a few side projects in the works. So lets just say busy has been a understatement however I'm not complaining considering the alternative. In the mean time I managed some fishing and tried not to neglect the family too much, plus my debt is taking some serious hits. On the fishing front its been hit or miss, last year I fished the entire year without being skunked for the fish I was targeting. Ole but this year I have skunked it up more than once. Fished the meet and greet in Rumbly Md last weekend with the snaggedline guys and lets just say the fish were uncooperative. The wind forecast at 14mph blew more like 20 and created a nice chop dirty water and hard fishing. We were targeting sea trout, striper and redfish a few hooked up but I just got a tan and a workout. The lower eastern shore has some nice shallow water fishing and it was my first time there in my kayak but certainly not my last. My nephew and I left Friday evening after work and drove 3 hours down to Janes Island state park set up our tent to try and get some shut eye. Earlier in the week I had arranged to share a site with a fellow snaggedliner he had arrive earlier that morning to fish with no results. We made it to camp in a rainstorm at 10 set up our tent traded some fishing stories and hi the sack.  The next morning we launch at 0700 and paddled west around the first point to fish the coves on the back side there are some nice flats and real fishy looking spots there. I'm a novice when it comes to sea trout fishing and I guess that didn't help the out come much. As all fisherman say when the get skunked it was a beautiful day to be on the water. Here are the pics.