Monday, August 26, 2013

7 years

Meant to post this yesterday but was busy spending the day hiking with my wife and dog.  It was a beautiful day to spend in the outdoors. 7 years ago on a sunny Friday august 25 2006 I was lucky enough to marry my best Friend and for some reason beyond me she has stuck with me all these years. I think maybe she deserves an award or something for putting up with my shit for that long but she still around and when she says she loves me its still believable. I made out like a bandit she likes to hunt and shoot loves big trucks and only complains a little when I rebuild a bow, fishing rod or car part on the dinning room table. She was super excited to get a 20 gauge for Christmas and shot her first deer the next year. I say if you gotta marry get you a southern girl from the Appalachia and you can't go wrong . Now if I could just get her on a kayak (she says its not enough boat). So in the off chance you happen to read this I LOVE YOU BABY thank for sticking with me.


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