Sunday, September 8, 2013

September off and running

It has been a busy September and it just started I have a lot of projects going on work wise. Bow season just opened I have a fishing tournament coming up, high school reunion (cant believe it's been 20 years) which I don't even care to attend but made promise to a friend. The wife and I are keeping close tabs on her father who at 70 has a abdominal aortic aneurysm and refuses to quit working (they don't make men like they used to) and  on top of that I'm looking for a new place to rent that wont cost an arm and a leg and job hunting because there is a chance that my 9 to 5 might not be around much longer. So in the few chances I get to myself what else to do but go fishing I managed to get out early to the bay bridge a few times and took an evening paddle last night. Sometimes you just gotta clear your head, life can get hectic. My nephew and I managed a couple of keepers last Saturday morning I had one more Thursday and last night we tore up croakers and white perch. Sorry don't have many pictures this time I left the camera at home Thursday and last night a my free hand was holding a cold one and taking pictures was not a priority. At one point last night I hooked something big it was literally dragging my kayak against the current it felt like a big catfish but I could not get it off the bottom the only other fish it might be is a ray but either way after a few minutes the hook pulled free and I was left with only a smile. I can only hope that at 70 they will be bitching that I wont quit kayak fishing or bow hunting because I would love to give up work now.

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