Monday, January 26, 2015

Of old cars

      The first month of the new year is flying by and I been get n er done. Spent weekends and a few working days chasing honkers and ducks and lets just say I wont need to restock on shells anytime soon. I also had a few days in the deer woods again with not much to shoot at though I have been picky. My nephew's did manage to score on a day when I had to work. Figures.
Little man doing it right
       I also added a beater to the fleet we have been 3 years with out a truck since I made the wife sell her Dodge 2500 Money pit and I'm tired of hauling shit on a car, I didn't want a car payment so I was in search of a beater when my little cuz's let me know he was selling his Mazda B4000 Ford Ranger for a steal so I bought it. It has some character and most of it works but it will fit my needs. Buying the new ride got me thinking about all the cars I have owned and that most were junk somebody was done with. 
        I started my driving with a 1977 Buick Skylark. Bought it off a friends drunken neighbor for $250.00 in 1992. It had more dents in it than I care to remember but I did learn a lot about body work and exhaust and starters and alternator's, water pumps, fuel pumps....Let just say the Hooptie as my friends titled it taught me a lot about mechanics. The good was I installed a sound system that in theory cost more than the car,it had an 8 ball gear shift and thumb tacks held up the head liner that made it look custom. Bought some Craiger Superspokes off  my cousin with tires to complete the look it would do a burn out a city block but couldn't get out its own way. I would have to work on it all week so we could cruise on the weekend. man I loved that car.
The Hooptie
    I finally blew her up which at the time didn't hurt my feeling. My next car I couldn't even find a picture of but most people born before 1980 won't need one. The 1984 Dodge Aries k car if Detroit put out a bigger piece of shit  I haven't driven it. I got it free from my uncle with just under 250,000 miles on it and it didn't live much longer 1 year in fact. I was in college at the time and nothings cooler than rolling in a k car. It blew a head gasket and burned up the motor heading back from the beach I left the title in the glove compartment and walked away though I was worried someone might fine me for littering.
     My next ride cost me 100 bucks my best friend from high school was shipping out to boot camp and he had a car to get rid of. The week before he left he wrecked his moms 1984 Toyota Tercel and had to buy it off of her so since I was down to shoe leather he let me have it cheap. I had to duct tape the front bumper on and wire down the rear hatch but it was a step up from the k car got better mileage and probably would still be running if I didn't sell it's motor for my next ride. the interior was stained with deer blood, fish bait, mud and beer and smelled like hell so when my neighbor offered 100 for the motor I jumped at it.
     The next ride was supposed to be a pickup but while looking at a 2 wheel drive Chevy c10 I eyed this pretty little 4x4 1984 Chevy s10 blazer with low miles for it's year.I believe this was in 1997 and the blazer only had 35000 miles on it. Which I would find out later was probably because it was broke down most of its years. So after more wrenching some bigger tires I actually had my best car to that date it was even worth washing once in a while. The motor was lame but it was the little 4x4 that could. I'd follow the big boys everywhere and she was great in the snow. Her demise came after a good night of drinkin a little don't be skeered to be somebody a muddy frozen swamp and 4 foot of water not good for a motor but she didn't blow up until summer. Hooked the little boat up to go fishing made it to the gas station down the street and she started spilling her guts, push rod through the side of the motor.
    Right after the s10 gave up my sister lost the drive shaft on her 87 Blazer so I bought it off her for a grand. This is the truck I wish I had back. it was a great ride it had its issues like rust the tail gate fell off on the way to the mountains for a hunting trip. It was about 20 degrees out the forecast for our hunting spot in Garret County MD was for 2 feet of snow. We stopped for gas in Fredrick and when I open the back to fill a gas can the whole door came off. Luckily I always seem to have poly and duct tape so we threw the tailgate in the back and taped us a rear window. We ended up on staying for a week Snaggy Mt in 3 and a half feet of snow in a summer tent, we had to thaw our boots over a fire to get them on but one of the best trips I ever had and we even managed to shoot a few deer. Sadly the Blazer would meet a similar fate as the S10 beer, titties and mud sometimes will break the best of em' but remember as my late friend BG would say don't be skeered to be somebody! My mother sold it to the neighbor I had it parked at her house I stopped by with parts to work on it and it was gone I think it was the only time I was ever truly mad at her in my life I got over it though and she forgave me for hers later.
    After the blazer I spent a year driving an 84 Maxima I bought off a ex (something about 84 Huh). Technically I bought a 1998 Chevy Malibu next but it wasn't my car I wrapped momma's Intrepid around a pole so I owed her one. The Maxima again was  a piece of shit but wheels so no complaining. You couldn't fit a fishing pole in it and your kill would stink up the trunk but she was fast for a little jap car, at least when she ran ,light with a v6 she would move. Hit a deer doing 80 it wasn't pretty and yes I was drunk I learned my lesson eventually and yes it took awhile.
   In 2001 I bought my baby, the newest car I ever owned still no ac but hey it was a Jeep you don't need ac in a jeep. It was a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 5speed with an in line 6. I put that ride trough hell and she kept coming back for more. Hit 2 deer with it, no problem steel bumpers and nearly rolled her more than once. Luckily I gave up drinking and driving so no stupidity or at least not beer influenced stupidity. She lasted me over 12 years and even when I blew the piston clean up she still got me home on 5. I could tell stories about her but I got married halfway trough her years so we will keep it at that. Just remember when the tops down the tops are down, I blogged about fixing her but decided getting out of debt was more important plus I lived in an apartment at the time and had no place to store a motor and tranny, Sold her for parts bought my next car and paids some bills
Baby Blue
       My next car has been a work horse and for all its scars I love the little thing it just keeps going plus for 750 how could I go wrong. My 1992 Honda Accord. It figures its my first car with a working ac I'm getting spoiled in my old age. Shes old enough to drink but  in 1992 Honda made a dam fine automobile. I carry firewood in the trunk and plywood on the rack she carried kayaks, ladders and lumber and made me some money. But alas I need  a truck so that's what started this train of thought and got me reminiscing about past cars.

My new ride
       Already put her to work Nephew got stuck Saturday night at our hunting spot so had to go pull his dodge ram out she worked like a charm. I did lose the speedometer on the way there I will add it on the things I need to fix hope she a good one. Its funny how cars become like family hell I actually miss some of them more than some family.

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