Friday, January 2, 2015

Family, Friends and Beer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
      It's been an awesome holiday and the first in 5 years that I actually had Christmas and New Years both off. I was spoiled working construction for so many years with holidays off but since I have been at the hotel and running my own thing on the side time off has been at a premium. I did not realize how much time I missed with family and friends. This year I got to catch up with an old high school buddy I haven't hung out with in 3 years and I only know how long it's been because he has a 3 year old that I just met for the first time. His wife was pregnant the last time I was down It seems every time we hang out he has another kid (he is up to 4 girls now ). I also got to have Christmas eve with my sister and her kids they all live close but besides my nephew I don't see them near enough. The wife's sister came into town for a few days to visit from down south we showed her around the city and her and the wifee went shopping leaving me with free  time. Many beers were had and my friends that live close came by to drink and be merry. I kept myself from starting any projects so I spent my free time reading and finished a few books I had started Including The Book of Barkley*,The last volume of 299 Days** and Dr Ben Carson's One Nation***. I missed my cuz's big new years eve blow out by working late at my side job, and by the pictures I missed a good one with tanerite, firearms and fireworks but the wife and I enjoyed a much needed quiet night to our shelves. I did however make the neighbors new year day party ,we sucked down some oysters and drank more beer. A great time with good folks.
Day after Xmas sunrise best I have seen since moving to the beach house
picture doesn't do it justice

The Porch Bar
nothing like old friends

       So for the new year. I have spent too much time working and getting out of debt but it needed to be done and that journey is near complete I have a ton of goals for this year and with hard work I will knock them down. All my work is to put me in the place that I want to be where I can enjoy more time with family and friends while I build the life that I want pursuing my passions like fishing, hunting and living a more self reliant life style. As always I will no matter what be Livin the my Dream

* The Book Of Barkley by L.B. Johnson  This book deserves a full review but lets just say I wish I could write even 1/10 as well.
** 299 Days By Glen Tate  Been reading this one for awhile its has 10 volumes very entertaining look at the collapse of america maybe not for your liberal friends
*** One Nation Dr Ben Carson  Living in Baltimore where he worked I have followed him for a long time I believe it was men like him who started this country and I would probably vote for some one like him if I thought we could vote our way out of this mess we would be better off if we had more leaders like him. This book seems to set the table for him running for president. I wish him well

neat little oyster shucking block made in Maine

Mick Oshea's Pub Baltimore
good spot for lunch with friends 
Got more free tickets to the Ravens-Browns game we made the Playoffs yeah!


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