Friday, February 27, 2015

Go away winter

It's official I'm done with winter done with snow and completely done with being sick. I been working on some lifestyle changes the last year to try to lose some weight and they been working I have lost 50lbs since January 2014. The last 10 I would have done differently, stomach viruses can kiss my ass. I started Wednesday night spewing out in the snow in my shorts then from both ends like something possessed and spent Thursday comatose and just this evening was able to choke down some chicken noodle.I cant remember ever being so sick. When I was at 356 I never got sick, sure I couldn't walk up the stairs without gasping but nothing got to me now at 306 I have had 2 colds possible flu and a stomach virus this is BS. I am so ready for spring some kayak fishing a little turkey hunting and some warmer weather. I usually don,t mind the cold but then its usually not single digits in Maryland. Come on y'all think spring and all my people from Florida, South Texas and Cali Fuck You!
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  1. Hang in there. Spring is coming.

    1. i saw a few robins in the yard today there is hope