Monday, August 18, 2014

If your gonna be dumb....

Had a great weekend despite my back going out on Thursday.  I have been pushing hard at work and side work trying to get projects done so I can spend more time chasing fish and whitetails, and I ignored the signals my bad back was sending. So finally 2 days off in a row and I spend one of them being still in my chair watching boats go by because I pushed to hard. On the bright side I was near the beer fridge and some rest never hurts even if my back did. On Saturday I crawled out of bed stiff but not in pain and having planned our trip wading the upper Potomac I figured as long as I moved slow I would be fine. The fishing was excellent even in my condition I managed to catch 6 smallmouth bass including the biggest of the day a 16" beauty. As always an excellent time with good friends and family. My nephew and great nephew showing up the older guys with the most fish caught. I was up early Sunday and headed back to work feeling pretty good. It was not a very busy day and I was looking forward to getting off early and putting the kayak in for some evening fishing. At 2pm I took the top off a toilet to fix a flapper and about fell to the ground, felt like someone stabbed me in my spine. I had slide down the walls to get back to my shop. So I have spent most of Monday in and out of sleep because muscle relaxers and pain meds make me loopy. I'm old hat at this having hurt my back at 19 and surgery at 27 used to live by don't be skeerd not very smart, you would think I would listen to what my body tells me by now. But like my pops used to tell me if your gonna be dumb you better be tough. Hopefully I will be able to make work tomorrow with help of a cane since I don't have sick days with new company and can't afford to miss pay. Probably should have rested Saturday but what fun would that be.
695 flooded from 10" of rain earlier in the week

Passed here on way home need to get back up been along time since I toured around here

potomac down river of shepards town wv

super moon from early august

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