Sunday, September 28, 2014

September on the water

             My only day off this week was Saturday so I made plans to get my running done early in the week and depending on the weather either get to the woods or the water. Water weather prevailed with highs in the 80s and very little wind. Fishing reports were telling what I already new striper's were in my neighbor hood. Friday night I had kayak rigged for a early launch and with spirits high I went to bed. Up before sunrise had my ritual sweet tea and took the doggy for a walk then slid the kayak down the hill and gathered my rods.
Had to head back to the house for a bit but launch by 7 am. I pushed out past the piers, cast my lure to each set and began to paddle on a slow troll. About ten strokes in the morning peace was broken as my rod was slammed knocking my ram tube completely back as line poured off the reel. I grabbed the rod and new that I had a nice one. I don't know if it was because it was early or because I haven't hook a good fish in awhile but I proceeded to do everything wrong from this point. The fish managed to get my other line wrapped up first then my third rod that wasn't  even in the water. I flipped the fish in the boat where it promptly tangled my pliers. I started literally laughing out loud at my predicament. However I did manage a quick picture and good release then I paddled back to shore to get my shit together. I looked like I had never caught a fish before  but at least It was a nice 27 inch striper.
             After cutting tangled lines and re rigging I trolled my shore line for quite a few passes before heading out to the Patapsaco. Reports were of fish towards the north but I have some honey holes to the south to check first. I arrived near the first one and noticed bait busting every where I trolled around the edge and got a knock down and a 12 inch blue. I decided to cast a spoon and hit several more before heading to my next spot. I probably should not have left fish because I did not catch any more. I headed home around 10:30 and made my wife a big breakfast and made plans for my evening run.
After shrimp kabobs on the grill for dinner I headed back out and trolled inside of stoney creek with no luck. Took some sunset pictures and headed home hopefully I can get on them more this week.

sunset at stoney creek draw bridge

photo copped from Pasadena Seafood FB I just liked it I believe its their boat at  Baltimore light

fishing buddy"s  fisherman and blue heron he said the birds name is Frank

my catch

Stoney Creek morning

A big dope in a plastic boat
 Fall Is always my favorite time on the Chesapeake Bay the temps are cooler the big fish come back in and fishing gets good in my area. The only hard part is deciding to go bow hunt or fish so I let the weather decide. No matter what Ill keep livin the dream....

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