Monday, March 24, 2014

yellow yellow little fellow

Managed to snag a day off on a warm day was going to get the kayak out but had some running to do and the wind was a little stiff. So hit my chores early and called up a fishing buddy to head to the Tuckahoe and try to catch the end of the yellow perch spawn and hopefully some keepers. We loaded up and pulled out around 1 and hit our first stop in Hillsboro by 2pm .  We through tandem stinger rigs from shore and shad darts then soaked some bloodworms but nothing was kicking. After a half hour or so we packed up and headed up river to Tuckahoe state park at Horseshoe road hiked back to the river and immediately started soaking blood worms. I hooked my first in about a minute and christened my new Bust Em Baits and performance fishing rods  built 6' ultra light rod, it wasn't very big but on a sensitive rod like this you feel every tap.

Little yella fella
I guy next to us pulled a keeper in right after so we thought we were on something but it wasn't meant to be we caught more fish but not much bigger than the 6 incher pictured. Looks like we missed the run but we weren't skunked and enjoyed a great afternoon busting on each others small fish. The white perch runs should be in a week or 2 and I hope to get the kayak in the water in one of my favorite spots.
fishing buddy Pete across the creek

reflection in the stream
Sitting by the fire writing this now its about 31 Degrees out and a noreaster blowing up the coast were supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow here hope this is the last go round for winter, did I mention I am ready for spring.

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