Monday, June 4, 2012

New holster

Xmas in June got my Dragon Leatherworks holster in the mail to day so happy. Immediately had to put it on cant wait to get to the range and test it out. I really like the way it fit and feels and it holds my S&W M&P 45 perfectly. Though Iam far from a gun expert to be honest its my only handgun the way the holster cants forward make drawing the gun very easy and smooth. I have only had the gun for 3 months for years I owned a old smith and wesson semi that was a hand me down and until my house was broken into and my gun was stolen I never gave buying a new gun more than a passing interest but after shopping for 3 months i settled on the M&P it fit my hand well with the larger grip and I really liked the way it felt. Since like I said I'm far from an expert in hand guns I went with feel after reading just about every review I could find on handguns. after putting about a thousand rounds trough it I believe I made the right choice I shot well with it right out the box and have only improved since though some classes are probably in order. The other thing that happened was the reawakening of my interest in shooting just what I need another hobby . The only good part about having one gun is that you usually get good with it so well see what happens.Alright enough rambling in conclusion you wont go wrong with a M&P or Dragon Leatherworks both are far better than I ever will be

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