Monday, June 25, 2012

jeeps,bees,and a/c

ole blue
Finally got a minute to work on the jeep and start tearing the head off or so i thought unhooked battery terminal air intake and noticed bees buzzing around but not just bees but a lot of fucking bees. Guess the jeep sat long enough that some critters made a home not real good for the mechanic namely me.So  after some bug spray and a stick problem removed but my little Friends werent to happy so i move on to my next project.
My little friends

The "honda work truck"

Next project fix a/c in the Honda. I have never owned a vehicle with air conditioning and when i bought the 92 Honda accord in November I was told the ac worked. Well it did till it got hot out now a jeep with the top down on a 100+ day is one thing but an old Honda with broken rear windows not so much problem must be fixed. Ran down to the local parts store and got a a/c refrigerant bottle and gave it a whirl and what do ya know a/c works .I know I'm gettin soft in my old age but if its there why not use it. Now if all works out it will work this weekend when temps and humidity start creeping up to that not so comfy feeling. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!

Well at least I managed to get something done

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