Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The old jeep need some serious work the best i can tell is that the head is cracked. This head on a 2000 wrangler casting 0331 has a tendency to crack between the 3 and 4 cylinders or so I've read. The decision  is whether or not to replace the old 175000 mile motor or just put a new head on but i think cash flow has already decided this one for me. Now all i have to do is stop procrastinating and get to it already shouldn't be that bad as motors go  there room to spare under the hood so i should be able to get to everything. only down fall would be that i live in and apartment complex and there not real keen on ya working on cars but I broke don't have a garage so they can go f %*k themselves on this one. up side is back in November i bought a 92 Honda accord for 700 bucks so Ive had a ride kinda love the ole Honda redneck it up with a roof rack and carry everything from plywood and drywall to copper pipes up there call it my Honda truck beats the gas mileage of even a small pickup so its good to go. So back on topic for today get tools get off ass and git r done. More to come on the progress

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