Wednesday, September 12, 2012

S&W Update

My wife was able to pick up her S&W Shield on Monday because we bought it on a holiday weekend it took the extra couple of days for processing paper work I love it when big brother gives me permission to do what I want but that's a topic for another blog. Unfortunately we been too busy working to get it to the range so all we can do is fondle it and work the action but she really excited to put some lead down range so hopefully we can get out Friday or Saturday at the latest and let some fly. Gonna be a busy weekend preparing for a trip bowhunting to the mountains trying to get alot of projects done at work and keeping my eye on any chance to get a line wet preferably from my kayak. The kayak fishing has been more addicting than I thought it would be. Its been real hard not to just call out sick and go for a paddle and with the beautiful weather we've had its been all I could do to make it to work. So unless some miracle happens (Im really workin on this one) the 28th would be the first day back on the water. Its hard to give up fishing time to go bowhunt life so hard sometimes. So enough whining looks like I going to be too busy Livin' The Dream for a change. To come, my best shot at a reveiw of the sheild.

Oh and the RAVENS whooped some ass on monday Hell Yeah!

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