Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Uncle Murphy Take That

I have had a really good month so despite not keeping my own advice and getting out there to hunt, fish and such. I have been knocking down some long worn projects left and right. And even still, old uncle Murphy keeps fucking with my vehicles. But no fear I have tools and I am just dumb enough to use em. Last night on my way home my 20 year old Honda just quit. It didn't surge, spark, flutter,or lope, no it just stop running like someone shut her down. Except it was on radio blaring, lights shinning and all. No check engine no warning she just stop then would not start at least not for about twenty minutes. I did the usual rundown of culprits on the side of the road the best I could but then just like that she started and we went home. Good I thought maybe she hiccuped some bad gas lord know I feed her the good stuff. So this morning I jumped in fired her up and off we went, purred like a kitten for 6 miles then notta nope stopped again. So now I stand baffled I have had a lot of car and lets be real before I bought my jeep that up and died  most of my cars were from the wonderful decade I was born or when Reagan was president hell I paid 1000.00 bucks for my first 5 cars combined , all together. So let say I have heard cars make a bunch of strange sound and have drove them for years with valves tapping and oil burning but I have never had a car run and sound perfect then just turn off no warning no sounds or smoke ummm wtf. So google here I come for a few hours of searching I found exactly 1 person on all the interwebs who had my problem and ask the question wtf. And apparently he did what I was about to do and start throwing parts at it but because of this guy hopefully I have the part I need a Ignition control module ( didn't even know they existed I'm so out of the loop). So here I pray that I have Murphy by the balls and this small not so cheap part fixes my problem and otherwise does not tarnish a hell of a week. Well lets be real probably wont work and it still won't matter Ill cuss it figure it out drink a beer and still have a Merry Fucking Christmas. Hell Yeah!

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