Monday, August 27, 2012


06:30 11 month old housebroken puppy pisses on floor
08:30 Tire comes apart on way to work need 4 tires $260.00
09:30 Tire shop informs me tie rods are bad cost $250.00 to replace
10:30 Shop informs me rack will need to be replaced  $466.00
11:30 Check facebook page that's still up first time in months and see good Friend commits suicide
12:00 Pick car up from shop tell them to forget tie rod s and just pay for tires

It been a good start to the week shouldn't they all start this way LMFAO. Ha sometime ya just gotta laugh about it. Priced parts an figure it would cost me about 100 or so to get tie rod ends shouldn't be that hard to replace when i get time lets hope it all holds together until then new tires ride nice and smooth and now you can really feel the play in the rod ends. Shop would not replace them with out replacing rack because they cant guarantee old rack wont leak but for price $266.00 just for the rack Ill replace the ends and if it does leak a little ill just trow fluid in as I go. With a twenty year old car just about everything but the new radiator leaks anyway. so another project to add to my evergrowing
l shits taking fishing time away me not happy. On another front stopped out top bass pro after anniversary dinner on Saturday ( did i mention I have a great wife) and pick up some lures for this weekend. Wile there we check the guns out or the wife she decided on a revolver probably a 38 and bass pro only had 3 revolvers . I was there about 2 weeks ago and they had a huge selection of hand guns revolvers and semi look like they been doing some business as of late guy said they were about out of everything sure hope the gun shop I usually buy from has more in house looks like people are getting scared again and buying things up the closer we get to election i guess its good for business. Now if i can just get out of work early enough to go shopping.

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