Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hell yeah finally its here

Had a great Friday  but it was a tough week started last weekend took a trip to Asheville to visit the in laws and that didn't go well long story short lots of hours in a car no sleep and a crack head sister in law not to mention a stay at a dirty motel in troutville VA ( you go red roof). Then back to work on Monday broken garage door parts unavailable and trash stuck inside for nearly a week a good smell. Solution hand carry 4 dumpster loads of trash out a side door up stair to a truck yeah love my job sometimes. Then to top it off the brand new 18500 btu ac I purchased for my side work that I completed wouldn't turn on kept tripping gfi as soon as it was turned on. Argh last thing i wanted to do is try and get wally mart to replace this since i bought it a month ago. Ahh  but things started to turn around garage door people showed up Friday morning with all the parts and I trouble shot the ac turns out has a bad cord made cord and worked like a charm whew left work at 12 and headed south to Solomons for the best part my long awaited kayak pick up hell yeah! I put the down payment on it back in may but Malibu Kayak apparently had some issues in there business so two months later I finally got it in minus the rudder kit lost somewhere in space but I gonna go float it this morning and I been waiting like a kid at Christmas for this one for a while. This is my little freedom finder think I'm gonna call it the Freehawk cause it don't need no gas no registration and no bullshit just me and a paddle. So times a wasting. Ill post pics later. besides I'm sure the wife would love to have it out the living room.

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