Saturday, August 25, 2012

This and that

Been another busy week at work but that's nothing new had alot on my mind lately just cant seem to put it in writing. Other than that my minds been on last weekends project the ole jeep so now that I know that I'm looking at needing a new motor and I already know that the input shaft bearing on the tranny is going away and I will probably have to replace that too if I intend to keep it.To get long block new runs about 2400.00 and the tranny I price between 1300 and 1700 and that's if I install them all which is kind of hard to do in my apartment parking lot otherwise its part the jeep out and see what I can make and walk away from it which will suck because I just replaced the exhaust suspension trac bar plastic fenders an tires last year. So now the decision replace motor an transmission or part it out an buy a used truck decision decisions. Any suggestions? I did mange to get my kayaks rudder put on it was supposed to come with it installed but didn't and it took a month to come in. Had to drive 3 hour round trip to drop it off last Friday and to pick it up yesterday at least now I can schedule a trip for next week end being on the water always helps me think strait or at least that my story. As for today its my and the Misses 6 anniversary I here its the iron anniversary so to celebrate were off gun shopping for her. Now that's my kinda anniversary looks like she narrowed down her choices I will blog later on her choice then a good dinner somewhere to top it off I leaning toward seafood yum. Cant believe I been so lucky to have such a special woman in my life even more interesting is she has put up with all my shit all these years and to top it off she love to shoot and hunt now if I can just get her in a kayak. o well guess nobodys perfect she says its not enough boat.

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