Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still runs better than the gubment

I finally got back around to working on my jeep that I posted about a couple of months ago time hasn't been on my side to tackle the project. So lets start with I'm not a mechanic by far, but I have always worked on my own cars and have learned a little over the years so with the history of a 2000 jeeps head problems and what the jeep was doing (still ran just sounded like hell and had water in the oil) I came to the conclusion, cracked head. Man was I wrong not the first time for sure but when I pulled the valve cover and push rods I found this.

one of these thing is not like the others
I think these are supposed to be strait ok so maybe still the head I'm thinking but now its not looking good this was the # 4 cylinder. The rest looked fine a little rust but not bad and it has sat for 6 Months.

missing something

Then I pulled the head well I pulled the head after three fucking hours of trying to get the fucking intake and manifold off I would like to kick some fucking engineer at jeep right in the fucking nuts. Yeah i know they don't design them to be worked on but a little fucking fore though would be fucking nice I had to call a friend with skinny arms and had to hold the wrench from the top while he 1/4 turned em from the bottom like I said 3 hour and 18 beers and we see something missing nothing big just the whole fucking cylinder that's all, funny thing is I cant find any of the pieces its like they vanished.So as the pictures shows its pretty fucked cant believe its still ran. My buddy said probably better to throw it out and buy a new long block and start from scratch like the gubmint it will cost too much to fix probably still wont run right and this bitch still runs better on 5 cylinders.

My temporary cylinder replacement. Things always seem to come apart better with a little liquid motivation.Should have just went fishing!

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