Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Still livin the dream

Happiness in a glass Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Preparing to launch no heavy seas here
I'm still living the dream even though I have been working to much Its an election year and as much as I try to ignore it its everywhere O and Ive been caught breaking the law (dam redlight cameras). I refuse to leave my home state to live some place more free cause its just to dam much fun thumbing my nose at them. I ran 2 stops signs and drove over the speed limit all the way home (LMAO) so there. Ill get those pesky cameras one day. I'm sure I broke a few other laws just cant figure what they were. On the living part besides enjoying some late meals and beers with good friends this past weekend my plans are to get one last crabbing trip on the yak ( first for me on a kayak) and do a little fishing while I let em soak maybe Ill even have a beer while I'm out cause ya know how dangerous drinking and paddling are to society.And then a wedding for my little cuz on saturday my whole crazy family should be there lets hope we dont end up in jail they dont usually let us all party together these things dont always end well. So while the world goes crazy Ill try to pay attention but most likely Ill have gone paddling.

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