Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prepping for the storm

Looks like sandy gonna be a real bitch and shes headed this way spent Thursday and Friday making sure things at work were in order and today going over stuff at home. My friends were off to the beach this morning to pull the boat and batten down the trailer. looks like the coast is gonna get the worst . I figure here it will be heavy rain and wind which usually means no power still hoping this thing turns right and heads out to sea. Got some fishing in from shore last night but there wasn't much biting tomorrow morning would probably be better fishing usually good just before a storm but Ill be headed to work so no fun for me. If this storm drops a lot of rain the run off in the bay will probably mess up fishing for a good while. on the bright side my nephew messaged me from the woods this morning and the deer were moving lots of rubs and scrapes and signs the ruts is coming so looks like hunting plans for next weekend. Hope everyone on the east coast is ready for Sandy to come ashore

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